Kristen Bell has swapped her formerly sleek look for something a bit edgier!

The blonde beauty debuted a new, choppy hairstyle and large glasses in a recent Instagram post, which had fans in a frenzy. The color was also a few shades darker — honey blonde instead of her usual platinum.

She looked almost unrecognizable in the shot, but her caption contained her trademark sweetness.

“Good morning, beautiful soul,” she wrote. “You are wonderful. Whether today is [a] breeze, or heavy and rough, I’m rooting for you. You’re the only you we’ve got, and you are enough. It’s ridiculous how enough you are. Xo.”


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Many of her followers had to doubletake when scrolling, with her darker hair color and new bangs throwing them for a loop. One fan wrote: “Omg I did not recognize you in this pic.”

Her bevy of admirers quickly complimented her new style, with one follower writing: “THE BANGS LOOK SO GOOD. I LOVE YOU!”

Beyond that, many fans were grateful to read her positive affirmations.

“Thank you! This just came into my feed at the perfect moment,” one fan gushed. Another wrote: “Needed that. Back at you Mama!”.

The 40-year-old actress and mother of two has been candid on her Instagram account about life at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. A post about her 5-year-old daughter still wearing diapers generated a lot of attention (and unsolicited parenting advice).

She also mentioned she and her husband, actor Dax Shepard, struggled with being stuck at home and sought therapy to work through the challenges.

“Dax and I, when we started this pandemic, were at a point in our marriage where we definitely needed a little therapy brush-up,” she told People magazine.

Bell has been notoriously open about relatable challenges in her life, such as her battle with depression and her husband’s addiction recovery. Her fans seem to feel a special connection with her, as she does not attempt to portray a perfect picture of her life on social media.

“You are super inspirational,” one fan wrote. “Thank you for everything you do.”

Like many of us, Bell seems to be evolving after living through a pandemic, both physically and mentally. She never mentioned her new look on her post, but it radiated confidence as she embraced a toned-down version of her usual dolled-up, movie star self we’ve grown used to seeing.

Do you follow Kristen Bell on Instagram? What do you think of her new look? Do you think she’s becoming a more authentic version of herself?