There are a lot of factors brides and grooms have to consider when planning a wedding. First of all, they have to set a date, pick a venue, choose invitations, shop for pretty much everything they need for the wedding – the list goes on.

One of the first big decisions is the wedding venue. Besides factoring in price, size, location, availability and personal taste, brides and grooms also need to consider how many people they plan to invite to the wedding and how many people the venue can accommodate.

One bride shared a story about her wedding that has gotten a lot of attention. Actually, it’s one of her wedding invitation RSVP cards that has gotten a lot of attention.

This was two years ago, so keep in mind that it was at the height of Covid and there wasn’t a vaccine available yet. The bride shared that due to Covid she had to restrict the guest list. For example, she even called one of her uncles, Uncle Dave, and told him she wasn’t inviting him to the wedding because he “is kinda sickly so I told him cause of covid I didn’t feel safe for him to come. And he understood.”

Perhaps she should’ve done the same thing with her Aunt Edith – not invited her. Apparently, Aunt Edith’s health is ok, so the bride sent her an invitation, but due to Covid restrictions, she didn’t give her a plus one. She only invited Aunt Edith and not her long-time boyfriend, Danny.

Instead of simply check the box “yes” or “no” to indicate whether or not she would be attending the wedding, Aunt Edith wrote angry notes all over the RSVP card. She wrote, “Most Rude! + Hurtful!” She added, “You shouldn’t have sent one at all!” She also took it upon herself to write “+ Uncle Danny” after her own name on the RSVP card.

The bride shared her aunt’s angry response on Reddit, and many people felt that the aunt’s response was out of line. One person wrote, “Invite who you want. Auntie may be hurt but it sounds more like jealousy and taking away on your big day. You’ve got a lot on your plate and you need family and friends that will lift you up not cause you trouble and more work. I’m sorry that happened.”

The bride’s maid of honor even chimed in to support her friend. She explained that Aunt Edith is the groom’s aunt. She added that Aunt Edith “has been dating Danny for two years. Danny has played no significant role in their lives, they have met this man a handful of times. Danny is unpleasant, and tolerated at best. They do not see him as an uncle.”

The maid of honor added, “All guests were told prior to invite that numbers were reduced to bare bones due to covid restrictions.” She also explained that at the time indoor gatherings were limited to a maximum of 50 people in their area.

Do you think Aunt Edith overreacted?