There are so many things we love about Jamie Oliver’s quarantine cooking videos. We love how down-home and relaxed they are. We love the delicious yet super easy recipes. We also love that the recipes only require a few ingredients and that they are kid-friendly. For example, hiding vegetables in quesadillas is cooking genius, and we never knew we could make pasta with just flour and water.

Now, Jamie has taken kid-friendly to a whole new level. His kids are making cooking videos now too! Poppy and Buddy, two of the Oliver children, have shared a delicious recipe that any kid would be excited to eat – frozen yogurt! Parents can get excited about this recipe too because both of those ingredients are super healthy. 

What are these magical ingredients that transform into frozen yogurt in just a matter of minutes? You’ll need bananas and yogurt. That’s it.

We have to say that we’re super thankful for an easy recipe that involves bananas. While we’ve previously shared an easy way to keep bananas fresher longer, we still sometimes find ourselves with more bananas than we can eat before they get too ripe. Now, instead of making endless loaves of banana bread, we have another option – banana frozen yogurt!

The steps to make the frozen yogurt are literally easy enough that kids can do it, as Buddy says, “With adult supervision.” You will need to chop the bananas into pieces and freeze them ahead of time. You will also need a food processor. 

Watch the video below to see how easily the Oliver children make their own frozen yogurt.

It doesn’t get more real than this. We love how Jamie decided to include multiple takes of his children saying “Hi, guys!” at the beginning of the video. It’s also a nice twist hearing Jamie behind the camera instead of seeing him in front of it.

We also have to call out how amazingly versatile bananas are. They really can transform into delicious baked goods and frozen yogurt. In case you’re skeptical of bananas as frozen yogurt, we encourage you to give it a try. We have made our fair share of banana frozen yogurt, and although it does have a banana flavor, it really does also have a creamy frozen yogurt texture.

Feel free to get creative with this recipe! If you’re vegan or if you want the frozen yogurt to be extra thick, you can leave out the yogurt and just add the bananas to the food processor for a 1-ingredient twist on this easy recipe. If you want to give your frozen yogurt an extra burst of flavor, you could try adding other frozen fruits (like strawberries or mangos) to the food processor.

We love how Buddy gives us examples of toppings that we can add to our homemade fro-yo. Leave it to the son of a chef to make homemade chocolate curls! What toppings will you add to your homemade frozen yogurt?