It’s been hard to find active dry yeast for baking in stores recently, so we’ve been baking our favorite yeast free breads more than usual. One tried and true quick bread that we love to bake is banana bread. It’s a great way to use aging bananas, and it’s super delicious.

All good things can seem boring after awhile, and that even includes banana bread. While banana bread is very tasty and fairly simple to make, we don’t want to eat it literally every day. Yet, when we have overripe bananas, it’s tempting to make a loaf.

Thankfully, there are multiple ways to transform banana bread into foods that taste even more like dessert. Tasty Recipes shared 4 amazing banana bread upgrades that we simply have to try.

The first upgrade involves a cheesecake filling, and while that sounds absolutely divine, the recipes just keep getting better and better.

At first, we thought that the upgrade to the second loaf of banana bread was just adding walnuts, but it’s actually a lot more intense than that. Get ready for banana bread tiramisu! It involves a few extra steps, but it looks super easy to make.

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to upgrade a simple loaf of banana bread including the two upgrades mentioned above plus two more that we will be trying for ourselves just as soon as we buy some more bananas.

Is your mouth watering yet?

Several viewers have added their own experience with these recipes in the video’s comments. One is a rave review for the tiramisu and the truffles.

“I have made the Banana Bread Tiramisu and Banana Bread Cake Truffles. For the Banana Bread Tiramisu, the bread was great for snacking on its own but when propped up as a tiramisu with the added element of oreos, it is absolutely delicious. For the Banana Bread Cake Truffles, the bread was quite plain and not great for eating alone but the end product was absolutely solid and very tasty. Covered in chocolate, it is the perfect satisfaction when a sweet craving hits!”

Which banana bread recipe are you going to try first?