Many people have suddenly become home bakers during the coronavirus pandemic, but that doesn’t mean other forms of cooking are taking a back burner (pun intended). We’re getting take-out from restaurants less often and cooking more often, so we’re always on the hunt for easy recipes, especially ones that don’t involve hard-to-find ingredients or complicated cooking methods.

Jamie Oliver has really come through for us during this lockdown. He has served up multiple easy recipes. For example, he showed us how to make homemade pasta with just flour and water (and it looks fancy), and he showed us how to get our kids to eat whatever vegetables we happen to have lying around.

Now, Jamie’s at it again, this time with salsa. When we think about it, salsa is basically a bunch of fruits and vegetables mixed together, so that’s another winner when it comes to getting our kids to eat healthier.

The best thing about this salsa recipe is that Jamie says, “You can make a salsa out of anything you’ve got in your cupboards and your fridge.”

Get inspired to whip up your own delicious salsa by watching what Jamie does in the video below.

Doesn’t that look delicious? We want to go raid the kitchen!

Besides the food, we love the video itself. It’s so relatable seeing Jamie’s daughter crash the video shoot. And we love seeing his wife holding the phone in the shot. It’s so real and simple yet effective. Maybe this is how all cooking videos should be done from now on, at least ones for busy parents.

Many of Jamie’s fans are loving these cooking videos too. One viewer wrote, “Jaimie and Jools are a winning combo. He is such a creative cook. I have always admired his use of fresh herbs. Classic, caring and generous.”

Another comment reads, “I just LOVE these deconstructed videos and I love seeing Jamie being his absolute pure self as a father and as a friend to us all trying to make skilled cooks out of regular people. I like the messy hair and the no slippers and the easy camera work. It’s BRILLIANT and COMFORTING.”

Yes, comforting, relatable and inspiring – we agree. Now, we must make salsa! What are you going to put in your homemade salsa?