How to Make Beautiful Pasta At Home Without a Machine

Several weeks ago, many people rushed to stores and stockpiled toilet paper, hand sanitizer and food. Many other people rushed to the store too late and found empty shelves. 

Perhaps you were in the first group. Perhaps you have a garage filled with supplies. Perhaps you were in the second group and would love to avoid grocery shopping but are running low on food.

Do you have flour? That’s basically all you need to make dinner tonight. Really. Did you know that all you need to make homemade pasta is flour and water? It’s true, and it couldn’t be easier. You don’t need a pasta maker or any fancy equipment either. You just need a rolling pin (a wine bottle would probably work in a pinch), a knife, and a pot to cook the pasta.

Watch the video below to see just how easy it is to make this homemade pasta.

My mouth dropped open after watching this video for the first time. I’m so impressed at how easy it is to make this pasta. Like, it’s easy enough that any kids who are old enough to trust with a knife would be able to make this homemade pasta.

I also love how the pasta is ready to cook immediately. You can seriously go from flour and water to homemade pasta in just minutes. It’s a great option for a quick family dinner.

Apparently, I’m not the only one who is impressed with this recipe. The comments on this video are very positive. Many people are thankful for such a quick and easy pasta recipe especially during a quarantine. One comment reads, “I love how he didn’t add egg or olive oil. He kept it super simple and showed what can be done with just flour and water.” Another person wrote, “What I love about Jaimie is that he finds an easy way to make a 95% perfect food with a fraction of the time.”

The pasta is quick, easy and only takes flour and water, but you might be wondering if this recipe is too good to be true. The answer is no. One person commented, “I just made it! Can’t believe it’s so simple. Thank you Jamie for the recipe. And to all viewers please stay safe, with love from Russia. xx” There’s proof that this recipe really works and isn’t just video magic.

Whether you’re bored and looking for new recipes to try or you haven’t been able to find pasta in your local grocery store, we think this recipe is worth a try. Pair it with your favorite sauce or whatever you happen to have on hand. A drizzle of olive oil or some melted butter is usually what my kids prefer, but a tomato or cream-based sauce would probably be phenomenal. 

Are you going to try this pasta recipe