Like so many other people, we’re at home with our families and we’re literally hungry for something new to make for dinner that everyone in the family will actually eat. 

Do you have picky eaters in your house who are unwilling to come anywhere near a vegetable? We hear you. Sometimes we cave and let our kids fill up on their favorites (like mac and cheese and chicken nuggets), but whenever possible, we like to sneak in something healthy whether they know it or not.

Jamie Oliver feels our pain. He has kids of his own, and he has learned a few tricks along the way to get them to eat their vegetables. One of them is a delicious and easy recipe for quesadillas.

We love quesadillas, but they don’t exactly sound healthy do they? Tortillas and cheese are certainly delicious, but they’re still not vegetables.

Not to worry; Jamie Oliver knows how to hide vegetables in quesadillas so that your kids will still eat them. Watch the video below to learn how.

First of all, can we talk about how awesome it would be to have a place to sit while cooking? We’re a little envious of Jamie Oliver’s setup in this video! He basically takes the kitchen wherever he goes. One comment on this video reads, “It’s cool watching him transform random areas of his house into kitchens. It really changes the way you think about the mechanics of what a kitchen is. The average person thinks of a kitchen as this static space in a house that never changes. To Jamie, a kitchen is wherever he is plus some basic equipment.”

Can we also talk about the production quality of this video? It’s pretty stellar considering his wife is filming it and his kids are in charge of sound. What a talented family! One comment reads, “No cinema lighting, no fancy sound editing, shot on a mobile phone : Still is the best cooking show I’ve seen in a while. Thank you Jamie and Team family as well.”

Back to the recipe.

One thing we love about this easy quesadilla recipe is that it’s super easy to substitute whatever you have in your kitchen. As long as you have tortillas and cheese, you can use whatever vegetables you want and whatever sauce you want. You could even experiment with different types of cheese.

Don’t have tortillas? You can make your own with this easy recipe, or we bet you could easily adapt this quesadilla recipe into an amazing grilled cheese sandwich! Mix the veggies and cheese just like in the video above, but put it on bread. 

Are you going to try this easy quesadilla recipe?