Uses for Umbrellas?


They keep you protected from the rain, but if you’ve got a broken umbrella or just some extra ones hanging around, what are some unexpected ways you can think of to use them? We look forward to hearing your most creative ideas. Thanks for being a Tip Hero!

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What NOT to Buy in August


August is a great time to take advantage of some sizzling deals, but there are some purchases that you’ll want to hold off on until the fall. Take a look at the buys you’ll want to avoid in general in August. Apple Devices Most years, Apple likes to release new models of devices like iPhones ... read more

What’s the Most Successful Sale You’ve Made?


Whether you’re clearing out some clutter or trying to make some extra cash (or both), selling stuff that you know longer need is an excellent option. And it’s always a nice surprise to be able to make a good chunk of change from something you didn’t think was worth all that much. Do you have ... read more

My Frugal Story: Masquita


Part of how we save money is to get more wear out of things we buy. I always buy the cheapest I can find in basics like socks, underwear, towels, etc. And I patch them or do preventative maintenance on them. It’s amazing the things you can patch and get a lot more wear out ... read more

11 Unexpected Uses for a Plain Bar of Soap


from Tip Hero Richard M UN-STICK ZIPPERS – Rub the dry bar against the teeth of the zipper to lubricate it enough to move. Once the zipper is unstuck, rub the soap up and down against the length of each zipper side, and then zip and unzip a few times to prevent further sticking. LEFTOVERS ... read more

Website of the Week: CarGurus


Looking to buy a new car? If you want to make sure you get a fair price, then you’ll want to have this week’s featured site on your radar. Let’s take a look at CarGurus: Over at this site, you get instant price guidance when it comes to new and used cars. Just use their ... read more

13 Things That Make Your Monthly Bills More Expensive

Does it ever seem like your monthly bills are out of control, even though you feel like you do everything in your power to keep them low? Well here’s a little checklist of things you may not be doing that you should get on doing immediately to consistently save money: Never Checking Your Bills for ... read more

How to Make Your Own Garden Sprinkler


Dave Hax is at it again! If you haven’t already got a sprinkler in your possession, then all you need is a water bottle to make your very own in no time. Check out this great hack that your garden with thank you for:

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8 Baking Hacks That Will Change Your Life


Are you always on the lookout for ways to improve your game in the kitchen? Then you’ll definitely want to check out these smart, potentially life-changing baking hacks! 1. Keep Cookies Moist Store cookies with a slice of bread or an apple wedge to keep them nice and soft. 2. Soften Brown Sugar Try out ... read more

My Frugal Story: blingbloom

How did you first become interested in saving money? When my husband and I accepted a new ministry opportunity in 2008, taking a 50% paycut and moving to a different state. We owned a home that sat on the market for 18 months before it finally sold. While renting an apartment in our new location, ... read more