Website of the Week: Earmark


What are the top things that you most want to spend your money on? This week’s featured website of the week helps you become a more mindful shopper and helps you to focus on saving for those things that are truly important to you. Let’s take a look at Earmark. Earmark claims to help people ... read more

5 Common Foods That You’ve Been Mixing Up


Know the difference between brown and white eggs? Not sure whether you’re buying a yam or a sweet potato? This BuzzFeed video finally explains the difference between some of the foods you’ve been mixing up your whole life.

... read more

Free Coffee at McDonald’s Through September 29th


For the second time this year, participating McDonald’s locations around the country are offering something we can all get excited about: free coffee. Those two words could certainly perk up your mornings for the next week! Just head to McDonald’s on your way to work any morning, now through September 29th, and score a free ... read more

What to Look for (and What to Avoid) When Buying Veggies


The produce section at your local grocery store can be a bit overwhelming. Sure, there are certain veggies that you buy all the time, so you know what to look for when buying them. But when buying other veggies, do you know what to look for to ensure you’re getting produce that’s fresh and lasts ... read more

Making Sure You Got the Sale Price


from Tip Hero karencrepeau Be sure you really have gotten the sale price. Check that sales slip. Just last night, thinking I had done so well sho pping, I looked at the receipt, and I hadn’t gotten the sale price. Five items not marked down $2 each was a whopping $10 too much. Don’t trust ... read more

Considering a Fixer-Upper? Think About These Things First


by Tip Hero David Glenn A property that requires renovations is known as a fixer-upper. For many owners, this purchase has several advantages. In some cases, this type of property can offer an excellent investment opportunity. However, buying a fixer-upper can have a few disadvantages as well. There are instances when renovations can cost more ... read more

3 Situations Where You Should Use Credit Instead of Debit


Debit or credit? It’s not always an easy decision, but it should at least be an informed decision whenever you have to choose. For example, in these 3 situations, you should always use your credit card for best and safest results: When You’re Making a Large Purchase Your credit card may have many perks that ... read more

How to Get Wrinkles Out of Clothing Without an Iron


If you don’t have an iron (or don’t want to iron), this is probably the quickest method to try for de-wrinkling a shirt you need to wear ASAP. Basically, you just hang the wrinkly shirt in question under an upward facing fan. Use a spray bottle to spritz water all over the shirt, clip the ... read more

How to Pack a Suit Without Wrinkling It


When you’re traveling on business, it can be tricky to fold and pack suits so that they don’t get wrinkled in your suitcase along the way. And it’s not always possible to carry a garment bag around to protect your suits. So when you need to fit your suits in a suitcase, here’s how you ... read more

How to Talk Your Way into Deals at Costco, Home Depot & Best Buy


If you’re looking to score a great deal at a major retailer, sometimes all you need do is ask. And if you ask while also being informed about the purchase you’re making, you’re twice as likely to succeed. Let’s take a look at some of Kyle at Lifehacker’s best tips for getting discounts at some ... read more