How to Make Your Own Instant Noodle Cups for Lunch


If you love how easy (and tasty) ramen noodles are but hate how unhealthy they are, then this idea from Serious Eats is right up your alley. With a glass jar and a few simple ingredients, you can actually make your own cup-o-noodles to take with you to work during the week! Just add boiling ... read more

Uses for Cutting Boards?


Got some extra cutting boards lying around your kitchen? What are some cool, unexpected ways that you can make use of them? We look forward to hearing your best ideas. Thanks for being a Tip Hero!

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Ever Wonder What 2,000 Calories Looks Like?


Yes, most food packaging is based around a 2,000 calorie per day diet. But how much is 2,000 calories exactly when it comes to the foods you eat? This Buzzfeed video shows us what 2,000 calories looks like with some popular foods. It’s definitely eye-opening to say the least.

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Here’s Something About Your Coffee Maker That Could Shock You


Now that we know how we’ve been drinking coffee wrong, there’s another important coffee fact we have to address. Did you know that, most likely, you’ve got mold growing in your coffee maker right now? A 2011 study from NSF International found that about half of coffee makers (we’re talking the classic, basket-and-carafe kind here) ... read more

Quick Solution for Any Type of Stain


We’ve featured a lot of great tips before about removing stains from clothing, floors and other fabrics. But in the heat of the moment when you first spill something, time is of the essence and you’ll most likely need a quick answer as to what to use to stop the stain before it sets in. ... read more

When Is the Right Time to Give Your Child a Cell Phone?


Nothing makes us feel older than saying “back in our day,” but as recently as 10 years ago, having a cell phone was not just a given. Kids rarely had them, and even many adults were still just using landlines. Nowadays, it seems like everyone in the world has a cell phone, and it seems ... read more

Website of the Week: GoodRx


Prescription drug prices are different at every pharmacy, and it can be tough to know which pharmacy to go to to get the best price for the medicine you need. But there’s a great site out there that can help you figure it out. Let’s take a look at GoodRx. Over at GoodRx, you can ... read more

Clever Ways to Dye Fabrics With Foods from Your Kitchen


Whether you need to dye fabrics or yarn, you don’t necessarily need to purchase dye. You’ve likely got some great natural dye options right in your own kitchen. If you need to dye something brown or tan, onion skins will do the trick. And cabbage will give you a really pretty purple color. And shockingly, ... read more

How to Be the Coolest Pizza Chef on the Block


When we first saw this cheesy creation from heaven, we were speechless. Sure, this looks like, perhaps, the worst thing for any diet, but it sure looks delicious. The pizza cake craze began in a Canadian pizza chain, but now people everywhere have been trying out their own versions. Pillsbury actually published their own take ... read more