My Frugal Story: Jan from Wisconsin

How did you first become interested in saving money? I grew up saving money as we didn’t have much, of course, we didn’t know that at the time. My parents had 6 children so everything was simple. I was a single mother with my own business and had to provide for my child. So I ... read more

Website of the Week: Betchyu


Need to find some motivation to achieve a major goal of yours, like quitting smoking or losing weight? If so, this site that appeals to your competitive side may be just what you’re looking for. Let’s take a look at Betchyu:                       Over at Betchyu, ... read more

5 Things Your College Bound Student Doesn’t Need to Buy


                If you’ve got a college bound teenager, you may feel overwhelmed by the amount of stuff that needs to be bought in preparation for the fall. But a lot of the things that are typically bought for a student heading to the dorms aren’t at all necessary. ... read more

The Simplest Way to Squeeze Lemon Juice Without Seeds


                If you’re looking to get more juice out of your lemons without getting stuck with pesky seeds, you’ll want to check out YouTube user ssgrey’s simple method. You don’t need a juicer or citrus squeezer. All you need is a knife and your lemon. Check it out: ... read more

3 Effective Ways You Can Spend 10 Spare Minutes


                Got 10 minutes to spare? You can make some serious headway with decluttering your home. Check out some excellent advice from Apartment Therapy’s Fay Wolf: Here are some follow up tips to help you out with your 10 minute purges! 21 Creative Uses for Old Books Best ... read more

7 Incredibly Easy 2-Ingredient Beauty Hacks


                Whether it’s time for an at-home spa day or you just need to replenish some beauty products, you’ll be thrilled with how much you can create with 2 ingredients. Check out some ideas to get the wheels turning: 1. Lipgloss               ... read more

Get Unlimited Reading Material Through “the Netflix for Books”


                While your public library is of course your best resource for free reading material, this new option might be awesome for all of you ebook lovers who fly through books. Amazon has just unveiled Kindle Unlimited, a sort of Netflix for books. Basically, the service gives you ... read more

3 Tips for Saving on Dental Expenses


fron Tip Hero krggles               See if your state has a dental school. The work is done by students under the direction and supervision of an experienced licensed dentist instructor. is a state by state directory of low income clinics. You must meet certain income guidelines to qualify. ... read more

Compare Prescription Drug Prices and Save Hundreds


I like to pick up my prescription drugs at Fred Meyer, my local supermarket, because it’s closer to home and I can pick them up while I’m shopping for groceries. The problem was that Costco’s Pharmacy offered better prices than Fred Meyer on some prescription drugs. I asked the pharmacist at Fred Meyer if they ... read more

My Frugal Story: Jim Lindsey

How did you first become interested in saving money? When I realized that money is not that easy to make and the government only lets you keep a portion of what you earn. What does being frugal mean to you? It means having more money without doing without other things I need or want. It ... read more