Famous Free Samples of the Week 4/17/14

Check out this week’s batch of free samples for your enjoyment! 5 Free Pounds of Paper Shredding Head into Office Depot with put to 5 lbs. of paper and get it shredded for free now through April 29th. Just be sure to bring your coupon with you.       Free Sample of Breathe Right ... read more

Top Giveaways of the Week 4/17/14


Here are some of the top giveaways and sweepstakes from around the web: $50 Amazon Gift Card $500 Walmart Gift Card Cuisinart 4-Cup Mini Food Processor   $50,761 Trip for 6 to Destination of Choice from RCI $5,000 Trip for 2 to Oahu, Hawaii from Williams Sonoma & Pottery Barn $4,000 High Efficiency Washer & ... read more

5 Earth Day Freebies for 2014


                      Earth Day is a great time to celebrate our planet and all it has to offer. And while we remain mindful of how we can do our part to take care of our earth, there are some freebies available to help us get into ... read more

5 Costly Travel Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make


All that hard work you did planning a trip on a budget could be ruined if you fall prey to any of these common travel mistakes. Take a look: Spending Too Much on Food: Make sure you research dining options before you go so you know where you can save money. You can always look ... read more

Are You Financially Sexy?


Everyone over at Budgets Are Sexy knows that proper money management is a sexy thing. They believe that budgeting creates confidence, which in turn, is sexy. But how do you measure financial sexiness? According to financial planner Shannon from Financially Blonde, you don’t have to be a millionaire to be financially sexy. She believes you ... read more

How to Clean Almost Anything

These clever ideas from Buzzfeed are sure to make spring cleaning a little less frustrating and time consuming. Oh yeah, and lots of them will save you money too. Air Vents           Just grab a rag, a knife and some 409 and good to go.   Gross Armpit Stains     ... read more

This App Won’t Let You Forget Expiration Dates


The other day, something truly infuriating happened. I was walking back to my car, which was parked in a parking lot, only to discover a red ticket on the dashboard. My inspection sticker had expired the day before and I had completely forgotten to get the sticker changed. If I had read about this app ... read more

5 Gifts You Can Make With Fabric Scraps

If you’re an avid sewer, then chances are you have assorted scraps of fabric just hanging around. Not sure what to do with them? Here are just some of the projects featured over at Frugal Living: Sew a Trick Wallet: this fun, magic item can make for a great unique gift using scraps of fabric ... read more

Uses for Old Tires?


Tip Hero Anita Leonard writes: I have a pile of old tires, and I’d love to hear some ideas on what to do with them. They are very durable, but the chemicals make me not want to grow food in them. We have used them for erosion control, but that’s about the only useful thing ... read more

Secret Markdown Codes: Walmart, Costco & Target


There’s a hidden markdown language used by popular retailers to communicate to employees what items are being discounted. I’ve put together a list of secret markdown codes at Walmart, Costco, and Target that only employees and insiders know. Pricing doesn’t always follow this format as retailers are constantly testing new prices but the following codes ... read more