What NOT to Buy in September


There are a lot of great deals to be found in November, but there are also a lot of duds out there. Here are the buys that you should stay far away from, if you can help it, in the month of September. Fall Clothing While fall clothing is a need of most shoppers, you’re ... read more

My Frugal Story: Shell

How did you first become interested in saving money? When I woke up one morning and found myself 70,000 dollars in debt and consistently digging the hole deeper. We were living on credit cards to support a lifestyle that we could no longer afford. What does being frugal mean to you? Being able to enjoy ... read more

7 Ways Online Degrees Save You Money


College is a necessary, albeit expensive venture. You can significantly increase your lifetime earnings, but you also have to pay a lot of money up front. The best way to offset the costs of a higher education is to find the most reputable program at the most reasonable price. By choosing to pursue an online ... read more

How to Make the Best Unexpected Steak Sauce


One of my favorite dishes to make, especially in the fall, is a chicken and sweet potato slow cooker meal I found over on Busy Cooks. And one of the best things about the meal is that it uses peach or apricot jam or preservatives in the sauce. Spoiler alert: it tastes absolutely divine. So ... read more

7 Amazing Ways You Never Thought to Use Cucumbers


Cucumbers are a great, healthy snack choice, but there are lots of other ways that sliced cucumber can make itself useful. Take a look at 7 ways you never thought to use your cucumbers: Unfog Your Mirror: rub a cucumber slice along your bathroom mirror. It will eliminate the fog from showering and it will ... read more

How to Get the Best Deal on Printer Toner

Are you filled with dread every time you get the “low ink or toner” message on your computer or printer? Don’t freak out yet – replacing your ink or toner doesn’t have to be as pricey as you think. Check out the results of this Daily Finance savings experiment: Source: Daily Finance

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Famous Free Samples of the Week


Check out this week’s batch of free samples for your enjoyment! Free Garnier Clean + Samples Score a free sample of Garnier Clean + face wash. Choose from Balancing Daily Exfoliator for oily skin or Nourishing Cleansing Oil for dry skin.         Free Dove Body Wash Sample Head over to Dove’s site, ... read more

Top Giveaways: $100,000 Cash, $5,000 AmEx Travel Voucher, and More


Here are some of the top giveaways and sweepstakes from around the web: $100,000 Cash & $10,000 Trip for 2 to 2015 Allstate Sugar Bowl in New Orleans $5,000 Basset Furniture Gift Card $5,000 Party Pack from ValPak $649 16GB Apple iPad Air $100 Amazon Gift Card for You & $100 Amazon Gift Card for ... read more

6 Best Things to Buy in September


There’s still a little bit of summer left to enjoy, but fall is also in the air. It must be just about time for September! As the seasons change, there are lots of great deals to found. Let’s take a look at some things you might want to consider buying cheaply in the month of ... read more