Uses for Colanders?


Colanders are great tools to have when you’re making pasta or need to wash some fruits or veggies, but can you think of any alternative ways to use these common kitchen items? We look forward to hearing your best ideas. Thanks for being a Tip Hero!

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Why You Should Trade in Your Old iPhone Now


Though the new iPhone 6 is expected to make an appearance on September 9th, now may be the best time to trade in your old phone to get the most bang for your buck. Right before the launch of a new iPhone, the trade-in value of old iPhones declines sharply. So if you’re thinking about ... read more

8 Clever Uses for Charcoal


Barbeque season may be drawing to a close, but don’t pack up that charcoal just yet. Thanks to a great article in This Old House, as well as some research we did on the web, we discovered all sorts of unexpected uses for this super absorbent material. Here are some of our favorites, best used ... read more

10 Awesome Cell Phone Hacks to Make Your Life Easier


Would you be lost without your cell phone? Well, the Crazy Russian Hacker is about to make using your phone even easier. Check out 10 cell phone hacks that you’ll want to incorporate into your life ASAP: Thanks to the Crazy Russian Hacker for the tips!

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What Are Your Best Back-To-School Tips?


Summer is (sadly) nearly over, and after Labor Day weekend, the kids will have to pack up and head off to school once more. Have you made a new plan when it comes to the way you do things around the home when fall hits? How do you plan to save money on things like ... read more

Website of the Week: Supercook


If you frequently find yourself wondering what you’re going to make for dinner out of the ingredients you’ve got in your fridge and pantry, than you’ll want to have this week’s featured website on your side. Let’s take a look at a great free resource called Supercook. Over at Supercook, you just input the ingredients ... read more

7 Ways to Clean the Uncleanable

House Cleaning

Are there some cleaning jobs that, after all these years, still have you stumped? Well, for those jobs that seem difficult, here are some tips that might just become invaluable to you. TV Screen: for dusty and dingy TV screens, simply run a coffee filter across the monitor. You can do this with computer screens ... read more

10 Brilliant Back-to-School Lunch Tips and Tricks


Back-to-school time is basically upon us. Are you ready? Need some inspiration for packing lunch for your back-to-school kids? We’ve got a bunch of ideas to help you save time, money and sanity. First, check out some smart tips from Hip2Save to learn how to make your own lunchables, preserve your cut fruits, show your ... read more

My Frugal Story: karenamyerstn

How did you first become interested in saving money? When I was laid off from well paying jobs twice, became a single Mom and most importantly realised ‘Materialistic items are not a necessity in these times.” Also, I wanted to try to save for a home and have a small savings which is very hard ... read more

4 Apps Airlines Don’t Want You to Know About or Use


No matter which way you cut the travel cake, flying is a hassle, especially when airlines take advantage of customers. From unbelievably long, vacation-ruining layovers to delayed and cancelled flights with no compensation, it’s easily the worst part of your vacation. If you’re tired of being taken advantage of, here are a 4 apps on ... read more