Candace Cima, a 76-year-old grandmother and style influencer, found herself at the center of controversy after sharing a video of herself modeling a sleeveless midi dress. The video, posted on various platforms including Facebook, showcased Cima confidently posing in a brown knit dress, revealing her bare arms. In a surprising turn of events, the Amazon try-on triggered body-shaming and ageist comments.

“It’s not the first time this has happened, but this one surprised me. People have such outdated notions about age-appropriate fashion, and that needs to change,” says Cima, who has 11 grandchildren.


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The comments ranged from critiques about the dress not being suitable for arms after a certain age to assertions that it was too young for her. Despite the negativity, Cima, a content creator residing in Ithaca, New York, remained unfazed. “It’s perfectly appropriate to have wrinkled skin at 76, and I’m not ashamed of it,” she declares.

Cima, the founder of the style blog “Life in My 70s,” launched her platform in 2019 to fill the void of pro-aging influencers. With over 400,000 followers across TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, she has become a voice challenging conventional ideas about aging and fashion.

Responding to the criticism, Cima emphasizes the need to shift societal perspectives on age. “We don’t need to adhere to these old ideas in a modern world,” she urges. Her blog aims to empower women to embrace their age and redefine their relationship with fashion as they grow older.

Despite the negative comments, Cima has witnessed a growing number of younger followers expressing gratitude for her positive message about aging. “Aging is great. Everything you have learned your entire life is now there for you. You are now the wisest that you are ever going to be. Embrace it and be proud,” she encourages.

Stylist Samantha Brown supports Cima’s perspective, emphasizing the need for women to unlearn harmful fashion rules. Brown dismisses the criticism on Cima’s page as people projecting their own insecurities. “There’s no reason that women of a certain age think that they suddenly have to walk around covered from their neck to their ankles. That is such an antiquated idea,” she asserts.

In a society increasingly valuing diversity and inclusivity, Cima’s experience highlights the importance of challenging stereotypes and embracing individual expressions of style, regardless of age. As women continue to redefine societal norms, influencers like Cima play a crucial role in promoting body positivity and self-confidence at every stage of life.

What do you think about age-appropriate fashion, and how can we collectively challenge outdated stereotypes in the fashion industry?