The saying goes that age is just a number, but does that apply to fashion as well? Can a senior citizen dress the same way as a teenager without either of them being a fashion faux pas? According to Martha Stewart, the answer is yes.

Stewart is best known as the ultimate housewife who makes most mere mortals only wish that they could cook and decorate their homes as well as she does. However, we’ve never really thought of Stewart as a fashion icon.

Regardless, Stewart has always dressed professionally and tactfully. Is this an example of Stewart dressing her age? Does she think it’s inappropriate to wear what a teenager would wear when she’s 82 years old? It turns out that her thoughts about fashion and aging are not what we expected.

Last week, Stewart attended Fashion Group International Night of Stars gala, and she dressed to impress. She wore at stunning white 2-piece ensemble that was covered in silver sequins.

On the red carpet, Page Six Style asked Stewart what she thought about “dressing for one’s age.” Stewart immediately responded with both surprise and confidence in her answer.

Stewart clapped back, “Dressing for whose age?” She didn’t just leave the answer there. She clarified by making it clear that she has no intention of changing her style as she ages. She explained, “I’ve dressed the same since I was 17.” She added, “If you look at my pictures on my Instagram, I look pretty much the same.”

Stewart’s go-to look over the years is often a pair of jeans and a button down shirt. That was true in her youth, and it’s still true in her senior years. She’s not wrong that she hasn’t changed her sense of style – ever.

Her response wasn’t just about her though, it was about all of us, and age and fashion. She explained, “I don’t think about age. I think people are more and more and more [fabulous] than they’ve ever been in their senior years, and I applaud every one of them.”

Watch the video below to learn more about Stewart’s take on fashion and getting older.

Do you think people should switch up their style as they get older? Does it surprise you that Stewart claims she has “dressed the same since” her teen years? Have you changed your style as you’ve gotten older?