Back in 2019, Zooey Deschanel and Jonathan Scott met on the show “Carpool Karaoke.” It may not be the most romantic place to meet your better half for the first time, but it worked for this couple who immediately hit it off.

The couple is still together, and their relationship is going strong, so strong in fact that Scott is moving from Las Vegas to Los Angeles to live with Deschanel in their dream home.

In an essay Scott wrote called “Jonathan and Zooey Bought A House!,” which appeared in the January publication of “Drew and Jonathan Reveal,” Scott explained that he and Deschanel were just casually looking for a home. He explained, “This could just be for fun! Besides, we weren’t really looking for something immediately. So what if we toured a couple of houses? Our noncommittal plan worked really well.”

According to Scott, when he and Deschanel decided to look for a house together, “only two houses met our criteria.” While we don’t know everything on their list of what they wanted to find in a dream home, Scott did explain some of the things the couple likes in a home. He wrote, “We both cherish old homes—the intricate details, the wood floors, the vintage hardware. We like a home that feels special and loved, with its own unique story. But I also need a little space: I grew up on a ranch, after all, where I always had room to run. And space in L.A. is not an abundant commodity. (Zooey made sure to remind me of this often.)” 

The couple only ended up looking at two houses, and they fell in love with the second house which Deschanel’s children named “The Park House.” Watch the video below to learn more about Scott and Deschanel’s new home and why they’re calling it “The Park House.”

Does it surprise you that Deschanel was able to convince Scott to move to Los Angeles?