You never know what you’re going to find on social media that will make you smile. Sometimes it’s a cat video. Okay, a lot of times it’s a cat video. Sometimes it’s something intended to be funny. Sometimes it is something 100% intended to be serious, and that’s what makes it funny.

People sometimes laugh at the misfortune of others, like this couple’s messed-up marriage proposal, but there’s no harm done as long as the video was intended to be funny and nobody got hurt.

Now, we’re loving a video shared by In Style Magazine on Instagram. It’s not a cat. It’s not really even about style; however, it is 100% delightful.

In the video, an older woman faces the camera. She is wearing a pair of glasses, and she has some sort of colored beverage in a bottle in front of her. We can’t see what kind of beverage, but it is a dark reddish brownish color. It’s probably soda, tea or something similar.

The woman looks at the camera and takes off her glasses, which look like typical prescription glasses. She looks at the glasses and then at the open bottle in front of her.

The woman attempts to do something that seems a little odd at first. She tries to put her glasses inside the opening to the bottle, but even though her glasses are fairly narrow, they are still too big to fit inside the bottle.

Next, she attempts to use her hand to hide the opening of the bottle from the view of the camera. Then, she puts the glasses behind the bottle. We’re not sure if we were supposed to assume that they fit inside the bottle this time. Perhaps. Maybe we’re just supposed to think that they’re behind the bottle. Either way, what happens next is supposed to be magical. 

Watch the video below to see this older lady’s magic trick for yourself.


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While she needs a little practice in order to make this magic trick believable, the fact that she seems to think she pulled it off flawlessly is completely delightful. We’ve watched the video multiple times, and we find ourselves smiling every time.

In the comments, many other viewers have shared how much they enjoy this video as well. One viewer wrote, “Hahahaha that’s gonna be me when am that age.”

Another comment reads, “Now THAT is magical! I ❤️ this!!!”