A marriage proposal is something that (usually a man) plans out ahead of time. He buys the ring. He has it in his pocket. There’s an intricately planned moment that he’s waiting for to pop the question.

For a lot of people it’s at a restaurant, a location that is special to the couple, or possibly even at home when the right moment strikes; however, some people like to go above and beyond.

One recent marriage proposal is going viral on Twitter. In the video, two boats are next to each other in the water. The man walks along the edge of his boat towards the woman in the other boat. It appears that he has a ring and asks her to marry him. She seems excited. She must have said yes. 

The couple embrace, the woman standing in her boat, and the man standing on the outside edge of his boat. Suddenly, the woman screams and flies backwards, her leg flying up in the air and kicking her husband-to-be in the face. In turn, he falls into the water.

The footage ends at this point, and we’re left to assume that the person who was recording dropped his or her phone and rushed to help the couple. 

In an update on this unusual proposal that’s sure to be a funny story for the couple in years to come, Theo Shantonas, the man who shared the video, wrote that “everyone is okay & she said YES!” He also encouraged viewers not to leave negative comments on the video.

Many viewers have chimed in with funny quips and words of relief that the couple is okay.

If you’re married, how did you or your spouse-to-be propose? Have you ever seen such a memorable proposal?