Dad Punishes Misbehaving Teen Daughter By Taking Full Control Of Her Social Media For 2 Weeks

Ever hear of cruel and unusual punishment? That’s just what 15-year-old Madelynn had to endure when she got grounded for sneaking boys into her sleepover party.

Madelynn’s parents, Tawnya and Larry, were not exactly thrilled when they caught their daughter breaking the rules, so they knew they had to punish her—but how? They had to think like a teen. What would be something that would absolutely ensure that she’d never do something like that again?

After thinking about it, her parents gave her a choice of how she’d like to be punished: She could either go an entire month without her phone, or just two weeks without the phone, but have her parents take full reigns of her social media accounts.

In the teen’s eyes, she had no idea how she’d stay off the phone for an entire month, so the second option it was—not have a phone for just two weeks, and let her parents run her accounts. She figured her parents probably wouldn’t even know how to work her social media. How bad could it be?

Spoiler alert: Pretty bad. Like, life-ruining bad. Well, at least for a 15-year-old.


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Felt cute. Might delete later.

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Madelynn’s parents started off their social media takeover by posting a photo of their daughter on her Instagram account explaining that she was grounded and chose the option of having her parents take over her accounts for the next two weeks.

“Be on the lookout for some amazing Instagram posts, Snapchats and Tiktoks from her parents!” they wrote.

The posts started off tame—Dad posted a selfie with the caption, “Felt cute. Might delete later,” a popular phrase from yougnins these days. He stepped up his game in the next photo where he dons a blonde with and a shirt that read, “Skip a straw, save a turtle. The caption is gold: “Like, can we save the mother freakin turtles already?!”

TikTok is even better, with the best post being a dance Larry performed with his son-in-law while dressed in a pair of daisy dukes and a crop top.

“After the first day, Madelynn was like, ‘I changed my mind, I choose the one month,’” Tawnya said, but it was too late. “Larry told her, ‘No. I’m too invested. I have too many ideas. We’re sticking with the two weeks.’ He’s loving it. I think he’s gonna make his own TikTok account when this over.”

Ah, there’s nothing like true dedication to embarrass your children, is there?

Every single post Madelynn’s parents made are pure gold. They probably actually did her a favor by racking up even more followers than she previously had!

On the last day of her punishment, they posted a picture of Madelynn when she was a kid and wrote, “I’m back sweeter than ever and ready to make good choices.”

Too good.

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How funny was this type of punishment? What’s the weirdest thing your parents ever did to punish you when you were a teenager?