Have you ever compared yourself to someone else? This is probably more common than we think. We look at celebrities and wonder how they stay so thin or how they get their hair to look like that, or how they walk in such high heels without looking like they’re in pain.

We often don’t see how photoshopped images can be and how makeup artists and hair stylists help many celebrities achieve their signature look. 

Regardless, some people genuinely wish that they looked different. For example, Sarah Schmidt told Inside Edition that she wanted to look like Ivanka Trump. Schmidt was already pretty, but she saw Ivanka as beautiful. 

Schmidt got her wish, and after 9 plastic surgery procedures, she showed off her new look to her family and friends. Watch the video below to see the reveal for yourself.

This isn’t the end of the story though. You haven’t heard the behind-the-scenes part yet.

Vanity Fair reported that Schmidt received all 9 of these plastic surgery procedures for free. Why? They were courtesy of plastic surgeon Dr. Franklin A. Rose. But, still. Why were the surgeries free? We can only assume that it was free publicity for him.

Dr. Rose wanted to claim that he could recreate the face of Ivanka Trump, and Schmidt wanted to look like her. It sounds like a win-win situation, but was it?

Do you think Sarah Schmidt looks exactly like Ivanka Trump in the reveal? Yeah, we don’t either. Her nose isn’t exactly the same. Her chin looks different. Basically, we don’t think she could pass for an Ivanka impersonator.

We can’t help but wonder if Schmidt is happy with the results of the 9 surgeries. Sure they were free, but she still looks completely different than she did before, and she doesn’t look exactly like the person she wanted to look like. She also had to suffer through 6 weeks of recovery after the surgeries, which, we’re sure wasn’t exactly fun.

Comments on the Inside Edition video aren’t exactly positive either. One person wrote, “Spent all that money and went through the surgeries but then ended up nothing like Ivanka.” 

Another comment reads, “She does not look like anything like her 😬😬😬😬 ask for refund.”

Just goes to show we shouldn’t try to look like anyone but ourselves. Do you think Schmidt looks like Ivanka Trump? Have you ever wanted to look like someone else?