7 Hair Tips from a Hair Stylist

Outside of family and besties, one of the people that women tend to trust is their hair stylists. They provide a good listening ear and are experts at making clients look glamorous.

That’s why when they dole out beauty advice, we listen and take notes. Since the reality is that not everyone has the time or funds for regular trips to the salon, we have to make do with styling our hair at home. But it’s possible to put a pro-like twist on those tresses with the right tips.

Stylists have happily shared the tricks on this list so you can create the looks you want on your own. Add these to your beauty routine and be your own stylist!

  1. Mousse is Yummy

    When applied the right way, it’s not the off-putting stiff stuff that people hate. When you apply mousse in the middle of your blow-drying step, you can add sheen and volume to your hair without making it stiff.

    Mark Hampton, Toni&Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe global hair ambassador, suggests that you dry your hair a little, add mousse, dry and brush a little more, and then style your hair as you wish. For full, soft curls, run your curling iron through your hair as needed.

  2. Roll it Up

    Rollers may conjure up images of a different era, but they do their job well. An old-school way to curl your hair to the tips, rollers add lift, fluff, and curl. Antonio Velotta, stylist at John Barrett, suggests drying and sectioning your hair, rolling each section and let it sit for at least 30 minutes. When you remove the rollers, comb out the curls with your fingers.

  3. Beat Hat Head

    We know what bedhead is, but what do you know about hat head? Stylist Reagan Baker has a suggestion for avoiding messed up hat hair. Change the way you part your hair before putting on your hat.

    For right-side parts, change it to the left, or for middle parts, put a part on either side. When you take off your hat, flip your hair back to its normal parting position and you’ll have volume.

  4. Use a Multipurpose Hair Product

    Finding a product that fights frizz, adds shine and moisture, and gives your locks volume is a possible task!

    Try using a product like volume powder or Oribe’s Créme for Style (which Reagan swears by) that will help you keep your hair smooth, stay in its style, and have sheen.

  5. Nozzles are Your Friend

    Another tip that Reagan loves is that when blow drying your hair, you should always use a nozzle to concentrate the heat at your hair’s roots and cuticle. Since you won’t be blowing hair all over the place, it will help the hair to look smooth after you dry it. Once you dig your nozzles out of their hiding place, dry your hair downwards from the root to tip. That goes for whether your flip your hair upside down or not.

    Bonus tip: wider nozzles work well for longer, thicker hair but slimmer nozzles cut frizz and work great for curly heads.

  6. Dry Shampoo is for Styling Too

    Spraying dry shampoo into your hair will add texture and volume, as well as hold your style without the clunkiness of hair sprays, says Antonio Velotta, stylist at John Barrett. It also soaks up oils, helping to keep the scalp (and bangs) free of excess oil. Celeb stylists use it to extend the life of blowouts and keep curls tangle-free. Spray it onto your locks or massage it in at the roots with your fingers.

  7. Control the Heat

    To protect your hair when using hot tools like flat irons or curling irons, use the lowest temperature setting and work on your hair in 2-inch sections, suggests Amita Moticka, a celebrity and editorial hairstylist, told TotalBeauty. Not only will this stave off damage, but you can style your hair in less time by working with smaller sections of hair. No repeat runs with your irons!

You don’t have to be a trained hairdresser to achieve your hair goals. Cool trade secrets like these can make big difference in how you care for your strands whether you hit the blowout bar for maintenance or are an at-home devotee.

What do you think of these styling tips? Which one of these will you try? Is there a multipurpose product that you swear by?