Do you send out holiday cards? We remember years ago when our parents sent our holiday cards. It was so much easier then. They just bought a box of festive cards at a store.

Boxed holiday cards are still sold in stores, but especially when you have kids, it seems that the thing to do is to send out custom cards featuring a family photo

Why do we do this to ourselves? We hire the photographer. We dress the kids in matching clothes they’d rather not wear. There’s always someone who is crying or not willing to smile at the camera. It would be so much easier just to send out generic cards from a box.

Even celebrities deal with the drama that is holiday cards. Kim Kardashian West sent out holiday cards that feature a photo of her family. The photo makes it look like everyone is happy and smiling at the camera, but the reality is a little bit different.

Kim shared with Ellen DeGenerous that there was some drama on the day the photo was taken for the holiday cards. Her oldest child, North, was not cooperating at all. The decision was made that North wasn’t going to be in the photo. That’s how bad it was.

Then North changed her mind and decided that she wanted to be in the photo after all. This was the next day long after the family photo had been taken.

Kids, right? 

Thanks to the magic of Photoshop, North is in the holiday photo after all. Watch the video below to hear Kim describe the ordeal to Ellen.

Do you think Kim did the right thing by putting North in the holiday photo, or would you have gone with Ellen’s suggestion and left North out of the photo? 

Do you send out holiday cards that feature a family photo? What’s the craziest thing your kids have done during a holiday card photo shoot?