There are certain questions you can usually anticipate during a job interview. These include questions about your work experience, your qualifications and why you want the job you for interviewing for. 

Many people prepare in advance for interviews, but sometimes the interviewer might ask something that the interviewee wasn’t expecting. 

Reddit user iiLady_Insanityii wanted to know, “What was the weirdest, most inappropriate or most unexpected thing you were asked during a job interview?”

Based on the answers to these questions, it turns out that there are quite a few people who have been asked very strange questions during interviews. Here are some of the most interesting questions people have been asked during job interviews.

  1. Dad’s Salary

    Written by Reddit user bananana-88:

    “What does your father do for work?” I was like 24 years old…pretty sure he was seeing how little he could pay me.

  2. Stealing

    Gmony5100 wrote:

    I was asked over the span of about five questions if I would let employees steal.

  3. A Janitor

    Shared by Sambasscles:

    This was quite a while ago, and I was interviewing for a janitorial position at a private middle school.The interview was going well. The interviewer was asking me why I wanted to work there, what my previous job experience was, etc. The bog standard interview questions. Out of absolutely nowhere, he asks ” You’re not attracted to underage girls, are you?”. I was taken aback for a moment, and just sort of stared at him waiting for clarification. I think it only occurred to him after having said it how weird the question was, and he quickly started to give some context. Turns out the previous janitor had attempted some sexual advances on some underage students I was just there to sweep the floors for some cash. Not commit a felony.

  4. ABBA

    An odd question mabbbbs was asked:

    I had a guy end my interview by asking me what my favorite ABBA song was. I was so caught off guard and honestly kind of creeped out, because I couldn’t figure out how he knew that I loved ABBA.I found out later that when he spoke to my references, he asked them to tell him something about me that wasn’t on my resume, and my old boss told him that I was a huge ABBA fan.

  5. Relocation

    Written by galedriel:

    What are the chances of you leaving your spouse if we relocate you? You mean… for a period of time until we figure out our living situation? No, I mean would you divorce him if you had to move to, say Europe, for the job?Wow Also, this was a local advertising agency. They didn’t even have that many national clients. But also, the interviewer then continuously called and messaged me for days after I declined their offer. So I don’t know.

  6. Do You Owe Me Money?

    Added by Reddit user maleorderbride:

    First question of an interview: “Wait, aren’t you the guy who owes me that thousand dollars?”Realized after three of the longest seconds in my life that he was joking, but boy that caught me off guard.

  7. Zip Codes

    A weird question TexasKoz was asked:

    I was interviewing for a hiring manager position at a temp agency in Toledo, Ohio. The interviewer asked me “how comfortable would I be if business client only wanted to hire certain types of employees?” I probed for more information. After several probing questions it was apparent that some of the businesses who hired this agency to find talent only wanted people from certain zip codes and wanted to omit certain zip codes altogether. I did not get the job because I stated that I would find and deliver the most qualified candidate regardless of where they lived. No biggie. I am in a much better place now.

  8. At a Casino

    Another Reddit user was not expecting this question:

    Would I be ok with going shirtless.Small private casino company that mostly did charity fake money events with prizes like champagne and chocolates. Corporate gigs etc. I was hired as a blackjack croupier and thats the job I went for, advertised as above. Corporate events and charity events, dealing blackjack. Must be good with people (if you knew me that would make your gut bust). The woman interviewing me, gave me the job, then asked would I be willing to wear just collars and cuffs like a male stripper. Turns out they also did stag and hen nights and would ask new employees if they’d like to be considered for those shifts. But it requires the women to wear bikinis and men to wear only collars and cuffs, no shirt but wearing dress pants. They paid twice the rate for it. Was not expecting that question I can be honest.

  9. A Nanny

    It turns out that some nannies get asked lots of weird questions. Here are some examples from The_Sadie_Jadie:

    I was a private nanny. I have been asked many questions that wouldn’t be considered appropriate in any other job interview. I’ve been asked: How often I shower. Whether I have ever been to a therapist/psychiatrist. If I am promiscuous. If I have ever had an affair with an employer. How much I typically eat in a day. Do I have a partner. What religion I am. Whether I was gay or straight. If I had ever been bribed or had anyone ever attempt to bribe me. Whether I had ever taken nude pictures. Etc. Not all in the same interview.

  10. Speech Therapist

    The interview must not have been listening very well to this Reddit user:

    I once had a cold on the day of a phone interview at a speech therapist office. I started the call by apologizing that I was losing my voice and explained I had a cold. The interviewer, a speech therapist, asked me twice what was “wrong with my voice”. The first time she asked, I repeated that I had a cold and asked if that was relevant to the interview. It was not, she assured me. The second time she asked, I told her thanks but I wasn’t interested anymore.

  11. 2 Weird Questions

    Shared by thorpeedo22:

    One interview I was asked two weird questions for an interview as least.Favorite super hero and why. Do you believe in aliens, why or why not- 30 second elevator pitch.