This Woman’s Reaction to Getting Hired Is Making The Internet Dance Along

The pandemic has been a difficult time for many people. While some have struggled for their lives while fighting off COVID-19, others have struggled to keep their family from becoming homeless due to job loss caused by business closures.

Being hired for a new job is always very exciting, especially if that new job is one that you really want and really need. Being hired for a new job in the middle of a pandemic is an especially exciting time, and for some, it’s too exciting to hold back the emotions.

A girl who goes by the name Kay Kay on Instagram recently went to a job interview and landed the job. Her new employer has a security camera set up outside the front door facing the parking lot. Without this camera, Kay Kay might not have ever become an internet sensation.

As Kay Kay was leaving the building, the security camera saw her suddenly stop in the middle of an empty parking spot. She looked around her, making sure she was alone. Then she broke out into a happy dance, showing just how excited she was about her new job. Watch her happy dance below.

Little did she know that her employer not only saw the video but actually posted it on Instagram. Apparently, a lot of us can use some feel-good news, because this video has already gotten millions of views in just 5 days. Besides Instagram, it has also been shared on TikTok and Reddit.

Some people might be skeptical about the authenticity of this video considering Kay Kay’s new employer is an Instagram comedian, but Kay Kay posted a video of her own on Instagram explaining how surprised she was to learn that her happy dance had gone viral online. She said that her new employer “called me this morning, she was like ‘I caught your dance yesterday, you went viral! You went on TikTok and you were 20million views!” Watch her reaction video below.


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Have you ever been this happy about landing a new job?