When you’re driving somewhere, the last thing you want to see in your rearview mirror is a police car with flashing lights indicating that you need to pull over.

What would make this situation even worse would be if you were on your way somewhere really important when you were about to get pulled over.

Ka’shawn Baldwin is a single dad with a 2-year-old daughter. He was headed to a job interview when he saw a police car behind him. His mind started racing, thinking of all the negative things that could happen. This was not how he wanted his day to go.

Baldwin thought he’d end up with fees to pay and possibly jail time. On top of that, he’d probably be late for his job interview or even miss it altogether. He needed that job to pay the registration for his car and to provide for his daughter.

Roger Gemoules was the officer who pulled Baldwin over, not for speeding or reckless driving or anything like that but for an expired license plate.

For whatever reason, Gemoules felt like he should give Baldwin a break. He had every right to write him a ticket, but he didn’t. He didn’t let him off with a warning either. He did something completely unexpected.

Gemoules decided to help Baldwin. He wanted to show him that police officers are real people who care and truly want to help. Gemoules said, “With everything that’s been going on recently in the community around here, police get a really bad rap.” He wanted to do something to change that.

The town’s mayor is applauding this compassionate decision. He said, “I am very proud of Officer Gemoules and the excellent decision-making and judgment he displayed in helping this young man. Community policing is something we strive for in Cahokia, because it is not always about writing tickets, or sending someone to jail. It is about helping people when we can and building relationships.”

Baldwin said, “Normally cops, where I’m from, they don’t really do stuff like that. It meant everything.”

By the way, Baldwin ultimately nailed the job interview and landed the job thanks to the help of Officer Gemoules. To find out exactly how Officer Gemoules helped Baldwin, you’ll have to watch the video below.

Were you surprised how Officer Gemoules helped Baldwin? Do you think Officer Gemoules made the right decision to help Baldwin? Have you ever had a police officer pull you over and show compassion instead of giving you a ticket or worse?