In third grade, students typically find themselves attempting long divisions or writing short essays about a chapter book they read. But one third grade teacher decided to switch up the assignments recently and ask their students to write letters to God, asking whatever questions they wanted.

This somewhat serious assignment actually let to a pretty hilarious dive into the minds of little kids. They were shared by Twitter user @GospelJosiah, who was absolutely fascinated by their words.

“I was fascinated by the minds of the kids,” he said. “Like, how can kids of the age be so critical and succinct about their wishes. It was amazing from the first to the last letter. I had no option than to share it to everyone on my social media platforms.”

We can’t blame him—kids wrote some pretty interesting (and intellectual) questions for God.

“A lot of people are enthralled by the minds and confidence of the kids. Some see it as a way to learn and ask new questions about their beliefs while some others just love the cuteness if the hearts and handwritings of the kids,” Gospel Josiah said.

See for yourself in some of these letters to God, written by youngins. (And view even more here!)

  1. New Shoes

    Watch closely, okay?

  2.  Good at Stars

    This must take a lot of attention to detail.

  3.  New Animals?

    We need some new ones.

  4.  Weird Giraffe

    Trying to be polite here, incase it was intentional.

  5.  Halloween Enemy

    Just making sure.

  6.  Puppy > Sibling

    Maybe next time?

  7.  How did you know?

    Valid point.

  8.  Love

    That’s a LOT of people.

  9.  Their Own Rooms

    They just need some space.


How cute are some of these letters? Which one is your favorite?