TikToker Raises Money for Uber Driver Who Helped Her After She Was Robbed At Coachella

Becca Moore is a TikTok influencer who had some pretty bad luck during Coachella. During the popular music and arts festival, Moore thought that a man was hitting on her, but he was actually plotting to rob her—and then did. And the series of events that occurred after that are pretty insane.

The man wound up stealing her purse, which had her money, phone, credit cards, and keys to her rental car. So Moore had virtually no way to get anywhere. Thankfully, her hotel called her an Uber to go to the Sprint store to get a new phone—and that’s where she met the man who changed the course of the next few days of her life.

Her Uber driver, Raul Torres, heard of her story, and insisted on making sure Moore was safe for the whole day. Not only did he take her to the Sprint store, but he also took her to the local police station to file a police report regarding the incident.

They eventually were able to determine the suspect’s name and where he was staying, so Torres tagged along with Moore and police officers who went to look for her stolen items.

The police officers eventually left when her items didn’t show up, but Torres stayed with her through the entire process. And guess what? They eventually were able to track down her phone.

The Uber ride wound up lasting a total of eight hours, and not without fun in between. “We went on an entire adventure from 10 a.m to 6 p.m, which should’ve been an entire day of work for him,” Moore explained in her video.

@becccamooore the uber driver that saved me from going missing is @buds4u559 ♬ original sound – becca moore

In that time, Moore learned quite a bit about Torres as well. ”Towards the end of the day is when I started realizing he actually needed more help than I did,” Moore explained in a now viral TikTok video she posted relaying the entire day.

“I said my birthday was June 16 and he was like, ‘Oh, my daughter got diagnosed with cancer on June 16,’” Moore recalled. “And then he was like, ‘Yeah she’s going through chemo right now, she’s having a hard time. She can’t really stay awake and is losing a lot of weight’, and they were really worried about her.”

Moore knew she had to help. She decided to make a GoFundMe page for Torres, which eventually surpassed her $150,000 goal. More than 1,400 people have donated.

Hear more about the story in the video below!

Pretty crazy, right? It just goes to show the power of giving back and paying it forward. You can donate to Raul’s GoFundMe page here.