Sometimes the unexpected things in life are truly the best and the most magical. Sometimes being pleasantly surprised is the best thing ever. Sometimes it’s so much more.

Harry Styles was set to perform at Coachella. This was his first time performing at the music festival. A performance by the singer would certainly be enough to make fans cheer, but he had something unexpected planned for them.

During his performance, Styles took a break from his usual set list and a few very recognizable notes played. They were not from one of Styles’ songs. No, they were clearly the opening notes to Shania Twain’s “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!”

Styles looked around on stage, but he didn’t give anything away. The crowd was already cheering, but then they cheered even louder when they heard the words, “Let’s go, girls.”

It was Shania Twain. She appeared above the stage in a stunning mini dress and knee-high white boots. She proceeded to sing the opening lines to her iconic song and was joined by Styles for a duet nobody saw coming but everyone decided was the duet they never knew they always needed.

Watch this epic duet for yourself below.

Later, still on stage, Styles explained that Twain “taught him to sing.” He used to listen to her sing in the car with his mother when he was a child. Styles joked, “She also taught me that men are trash.” Twain laughed in response. Then he turned to Twain and said he “will be forever grateful” to her for the memories he has with his mother.

Twain shared pictures and videos from the night on Instagram. She wrote, “Music icon. Fashion icon. And true friend ❤️ I am honored and thrilled to have joined @harrystyles onstage for his @coachella debut. What a magical moment!! And I mean c’mon… WHAT A SHOW ? I’m a huge fan! Grateful we got to create this memory together – Thank you Harry.”


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