We all spend money—but how much money everyone spends differs greatly on people’s priorities. Some people eat at home, some people prefer restaurants. Some people put their money in savings and some want to get their dog a jeweled color.

We’re not going to say which of those we think makes the most sense, but Reddit sure will. In a recent thread, people responded to a very important question that was asked: “What do people waste money on that amazes you?” The answers sure deliver. Here are a few of the ones we couldn’t agree with more.

  1. Name Brand Baby Clothes

    “Like Nike shoes. I’ve seen it a good bit. I just don’t understand why paying almost $50 on a pair a shoes for an infant that can’t walk and will grow out of in about a month.”

  2. Timeshares

    “They are almost never worth it, plus you’re stuck in a property that’s really hard to get out of. You also have to share the costs of property management with other owners, so it’s never really ‘yours,’ you just have to cooperate among yourselves on who can have it when.”

  3. Junky Toys

    “I am really grateful that people want to give them gifts. I am just frustrated that they spend their limited funds on garbage from Walgreens or CVS that breaks immediately upon opening. Please, please save your money and my garbage collection.”

  4. Lottery Tickets

    “The odds of winning big are so infinitesimal and the returns are, if you’re lucky, pretty low.”

  5. Expensive Luggage

    “Like Louis Vuitton. I see it get mangled on luggage conveyors along $3 taped luggage essentially performing exact same function.”

  6. Online Games

    “My former boss spent over $1,000 on her Candy Crush addiction.”

  7. Clothing

    “People buy so many clothes. Like why do I need to look nice while I’m sleeping? I have had the same 10 shorts for like 5 years, which I use for sleeping.”

  8. Weddings

    “I just can’t relate to spending tens of thousands of dollars on a party on any level.”

  9. Going Out to Lunch Every Day at Work

    “Occasionally I get it, but every day is expensive.”

  10. Phones

    “Like why do you need to get another phone after a year of having one.”

  11. Cigarettes

    “Smokes are expensive, unhealthy, and smelly. They can leave you feeling desperate once the stores are closed, cause friends and family to disrespect you and partners to leave you, lead almost immediately to coughing and hacking and the yellowing of your teeth, worsen your breath, and obviously lead to long-term health problems.”

  12. Cable TV

    “Movies on cable remove scenes and have like 10-minute long commercial breaks! A 90-minute movie playing on MTV will stretch out to almost 3 hours.”

  13. A Trip to Disney World

    “Had a co-worker go to Disney over the summer. His wife took her brother, parents, aunt and uncle. They also took their three kids. All paid for on his dime. Now he’s pulling 401k loans trying to keep his house. It’s just sad.”

  14. Dog Accessories

    “A wealthy lady’s French Poodle had a jewel-studded collar with real diamonds, rubies and sapphires. The French poodle’s name, ‘Mignon,’ was inscribed in Sterling Silver and affixed to the collar. I would’ve been concerned to take the dog for a walk for fear someone would’ve stolen it for the incredible value of the collar.”

  15. Funerals

    “The amount of money that people have to pay for a funeral is insane. Embalming, a casket, flowers, etc. the funeral industry is a racket. Cremation is the way to go. Even better, in most states it’s legal to just have your family shroud and bury you. It turns your body into compost. That makes more sense to me than spending $10,000 just to be buried anyway.”

What do you think is a huge waste of money?