13 People Discuss What They Believe To Be a Huge Waste of Money

You can tell a lot about a person based on how he or she spends his or her money. For example, one person may choose to spend money on traveling to new destinations while another person chooses to get his or her kids the latest and greatest toys

You can also tell a lot about a person based on what he or she thinks of as a waste of money. People have different reasons for deciding what not to “waste” their money on. Sometimes it might be an item they have decided is a waste of money from personal experience. For example, maybe they didn’t use it long enough to justify the expense. Other times it might be because the price tag is simply too high for what you’re getting in exchange.

Reddit user easywaycentre asked, “What do you consider a huge waste of money?” We found ourselves nodding in agreement to a lot of these answers, but we’re guilty of spending our money on a few of these things.

Scroll down for some of our favorite answers to this question about what constitutes a waste of money.

  1. Cat Toys

    Reddit user averymander thinks cat toys are a waste of money:

    Any toy I think my cat will enjoy.Nothing beats Bottle Cap or Chewed Up Straw or Stolen Hairband.

  2. Designer Clothes for Babies

    Written by thepumpkinking92:

    Buying designer clothes for babies. Seriously, your 6 month old is going to out grow those $75 nikes in like 2 weeks.

  3. Warranties

    TheCancerManCan wrote:

    Any warranties on cheap items. Sometimes the warranty itself can equal upwards of almost 25% of the product’s full retail price. And I’m not being even remotely hyperbolic when I say this.

  4. Expensive Water

    Shared by Gator_aide:

    Those 10$ bottles of “smart” water. They are the exact same as normal water, except 500% more expensive.

  5. Gambling

    flakenomore thinks gambling is a waste of money:

    Gambling. No judgement…just not for me.

  6. Diamonds

    BZZBBZ doesn’t think a diamond is worth the expense:

    Diamonds. They are only expensive because the people who sell the diamonds have a monopoly and only release small amounts of diamonds, creative artificial scarcity. It’s like if copper costed 1000 times as much as it does, and everybody thought that having a ring made of it is a huge symbol of love because some famous people told their parents and grandparents so.

  7. Impressing Others

    A great answer from read-it-on-reddit:

    Anything bought with the primary intention of impressing other people.

  8. Cell Phones

    Another unnecessary expense called out by granoladeer:

    Upgrading cellphones every year

  9. Starbucks

    CWhiz45 shared:

    Starbucks coffee. Coffee is ridiculously easy to make for it to be that expensive.

  10. Toys

    A money-saving tip from Oogandaugenozengozen:

    Most toys for kids.As an Early Childhood Educator I can tell you that less is more. I have a nephew who’s mom gives a list of shit her “3 year old wants” and not even halfway into opening his presents he gets bored and walks away. Things kids enjoy: cars, blocks, books and pretty much anything they can get their hands on outside. Stop wasting your money. Thank me later.

  11. Lunch

    Written by Akire32:

    Buying a meal out every day. I see my coworkers go buy lunch and complain how expensive it was or lament about what to order for dinner every night. Buy yourself some d*** ingredients and make a week’s worth for the price of one meal out! ugh.

  12. Cars

    A good point from The_wolf2014:

    Buying a new car on finance

  13. Bottled Drinks

    ChubbyCrayon96 wrote:

    Buying single bottles/cans of drinks at the store/gas station. It is way cheaper to buy 6 or 12 packs and refrigerate at home.