When Do You Spend Money to Save Time?

Last week was one of those weeks when I was able to try out many of your suggestions and tips. It was so difficult to pick a winner because most of your remedies seemed to work better for me than any store-bought medication I tried. I deeply and personally appreciate all of your advice because it really was all so helpful. I hope many others benefit from the creative cold remedies as much as I did!

There was one remedy that did stick out as being particularly helpful to me by providing some immediate relief. That remedy came from reader PAHopkins. Be sure to check it out if you need some quick relief from your cold symptoms. Congratulations to PAHopkins and thanks again to everyone who shared ideas!

Now, onto this week’s question!

Saving money is great of course, but sometimes we have to think about other expenses involved in our efforts to save. For example, is it worth driving an hour away to a discount grocery store to save money on food? While you may be saving some food money, you’d also be spending more time and gas money. What are some situations that you can think of when you’d maybe spend a little bit more to save yourself time?

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