It’s safe to say that Disney World truly is the happiest place on earth. Disney goes to great lengths to make it that way too. There are even strict rules that their employees must follow.

Kids of all ages love visiting Disney World, meaning, parents often have just as much fun or more than their kids. You’re never too old to love Mickey Mouse.

Proof that Disney World defies age is that many marriage proposals take place there. When a man decides that he wants to marry his girlfriend, he tries to find just the right place to propose, and if he chooses Disney World, it’s pretty safe to say that the couple must both really, really like it there.

That was the case for the happy couple in today’s story. It started out that she was the huge Disney World fanatic, but over the course of their relationship, her boyfriend became just as obsessed with the theme park. He knew he just had to propose in front of Cinderella’s Castle.

Proposing can be nerve wracking. You obviously want the person you’re proposing to to say “yes,” so it’s easy to worry that your nerves will cause you to stumble over your words or that you’ll forget what you’re going to say. We love that for this Disney World proposal, he ensured he would not and could not forget what he was going to say.


He wrote a letter. Yes, he was right there sitting next to her, but he handed her a letter and let her read it instead of reciting a carefully thought out speech. We don’t know exactly what the letter said, but it probably outlined the reasons he loves her.

We can tell from the expression on her face that the letter was very touching. She starts out looking happy, then a little surprised. Then it looks like she’s trying not to cry, but in a happy way. She keeps reading as the happy music at Disney World plays in the background.

She finally finishes reading the letter and looks up at her boyfriend, smiling. He hands her a special mouse ear hat and gets down on one knee.

After he proposes, the surprises aren’t done. She didn’t know it, but her parents were standing at a distance watching the whole thing. She can barely believe they’re there!

Watch the video below to see this super sweet proposal and the expression on her face when she realizes that her parents are there to celebrate with her.

If you’re married, how did you get engaged? Do you know anyone who got engaged at Disney World?