When a couple has been dating for awhile, the question always comes up. It’s something along the lines of “When are you going to propose?” or “Do you think he’s going to propose?” 

A marriage proposal is one of those moments that you remember your whole life. That’s probably why some men put so much thought and effort into one simple question. We’ve seen some pretty creative proposals like this unexpected one at Disney World, and this one that happened during a movie.

What’s great about these proposals is that they went well. They were planned out and went according to that plan. 

Love birds can spend a long time planning the perfect proposal or walking around with a ring in their pocket waiting for the perfect moment. Luke thought he knew the perfect time to propose. He and his girlfriend, Erika, were planning to go to Paris over Spring Break to visit Erika’s sister. What could be more romantic than a trip to Paris? Luke had the ring, and he was ready.

Then the coronavirus pandemic changed everyone’s plans. The couple was torn about whether or not to cancel their much-anticipated trip to the city of love. They really wanted to go, but they didn’t want to put themselves or anyone else at risk of contracting COVID-19. 

The day before they were supposed to fly to Paris, the couple decided not to go. Even if it meant that they wouldn’t get their money back for the trip, they figured it was better to play it safe and stay home.

That Friday, after a long week of working at home, Luke told Erika that he was going to go for a walk with his brother. Erika thought that was a little odd since he wasn’t really into exercising. 

When Luke returned, he asked Erika if she would want to go for a walk with him, and she said yes. What happened next is best described in Erika’s words.

“He took me to the alley that led to Market Square, where he had drawn a large image of the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe in chalk. He put roses around the base of the Eiffel Tower and took me there. Then he knelt down and asked the question! It was so sweet and thoughtful!”

Luke’s brother was hiding in the bushes nearby taking pictures of the special occasion which was only just beginning after Erika said “yes.”

“Then Luke had French food and champagne waiting for us, which he received from La Petite Auberge, a lovely French restaurant in the city center. Although it wasn’t Paris and the coronavirus turned our spring break upside down, our engagement was perfect and very special. It will always be a reminder to see good in stressful situations and stay positive.”

What a romantic evening! We’re sure Luke and Erika will always remember this moment fondly, and we love how Luke thought outside the box and came up with a beautifully romantic way to propose despite the pandemic.

What have you been doing to “see good in stressful situations and stay positive”?