Each of you knows a parent or two – either personally or from a distance – who has a sense of entitlement when it comes to their child. The college admissions scandal dominating headlines right now has been igniting discussions on such behavior, and one principal is fired up.

Gerry Brooks, an educator in Lexington, Kentucky, recently went viral after posting a video of himself calling out parents who don’t believe rules apply to them. Hopefully, you’re not one of them.

The sassy rant addresses how some skirt, break, or bend the rules for their child’s perceived benefit, but in the long run, set a bad example. In an interview with CNN, the elementary school principal said he thinks these parents love their children and because of that, act on their wants rather than abide by rules or common courtesy.

Things like sending peanut butter to school in spite of other children’s allergies, doing schoolwork on behalf a child, or driving around the cones in the queue line (one of my biggest peeves), are just examples of what Brooks has deemed as everyday bad parenting behavior.

As you’ll hear in this video, he is not shocked by “Aunt Becky’s” actions because he and other educators see it all the time. Prepare to high-five, amen, or lower your head in shame as you listen to his words.

Ain’t none of us sirprised, for reals…Instagram: @Gerrybrooksprin

Posted by Gerry Brooks on Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Do you agree with this principal or are you an offender yourself? Are you a teacher or principal who has witnessed parents setting a bad example? Tell us your worst.