Prince Harry Reportedly Experienced a Great Deal of Frostiness While In England for Prince Philip’s Funeral

It had to be award for Prince Harry to fly back to England for his grandfather’s funeral after sharing secrets about the royal family with the world in a tell-all Oprah interview. Yet, he loved his grandfather, Prince Philip, so of course he wasn’t about to miss the funeral.

The world wondered how the royal family would treat Harry during his visit. Would they welcome him back with open arms? Would they avoid him and make him feel unwelcome?

After Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, chose to step down as senior members of the royal family, they relocated to Canada before moving more permanently to California. They rode out the pandemic at their new home in Santa Barbara. They had not seen the royal family in-person since they left in 2020.

Harry expressed in the Oprah interview that there was distance between him and his brother, Prince William. He also mentioned that at one point his father, Prince Charles, stopped taking his calls. The interview didn’t seem to do anything to bring the family together. Instead, the royals were upset that Meghan and Harry were talking so openly to the media. The Queen wanted to work out family issues privately.

On the day of Prince Philip’s funeral, all eyes were on Harry and William. The brothers did not walk next to each other in the funeral procession, and they did not sit next to each other at the funeral. Yet, afterwards, they were seen walking next to each other and chatting. We don’t know what they said, but we can hope they are on their way to reconciliation and putting their differences behind them.

Prince Charles and his two sons, William and Harry, chatted for 2-hours after the cameras were turned off. Harry may even extend his visit to stay and celebrate The Queen’s birthday. A source told The Sun, “It is not known what was said behind closed doors and when the cameras were turned off, but it’s unfathomable to think Megxit and Oprah did not come up. Harry and William appeared cordial as the cameras rolled and that seemed to pave the way for Charles to join them when everyone had left.”

The other members of the royal family didn’t seem so welcoming to Harry. In fact, some royals did seem to avoid him. For example, some members of his extended family, including Princess Anne, Prince Edward, and Edward’s wife Sophie completely ignored him.

For more about what happened during Prince Philip’s funeral, watch the video below.

Do you think Prince Harry will stay for The Queen’s birthday celebration? Does it surprise you that his father and brother seemed more welcoming to him than other members of the royal family?