When we think of our favorite celebrity couples, we typically only see what they show the public: AKA a perfect relationship. That’s why whenever we hear of a celebrity divorce, we’re completely thrown a loop.

For example, who knew that singer Pink and her husband Carey Hart were having trouble in paradise? Sure, they separated in 2008, just two years after they got married, but they were back and better than ever by 2010, an entire decade ago.

Now, however, Pink recently admitted something on an Instagram live about her relationship that had fans pretty shocked.

She said that the only reason she and Carey are still together is that they’ve been attending couples therapy. If not for those sessions, they’d probably have already ended their marriage already.

“It’s the only reason that we’re still together,” she said during the live. “I think partners, after a long time—I can’t say it’s a man and woman thing, I think it’s a partner thing, a spouse thing—you just speak two different languages.”

She says that part of the reason isn’t that she chose the wrong spouse—it’s that having a relationship isn’t something you’re taught or instinctually understand right off the bat.


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“We are not taught as kids how to have relationships, how to get along with people,” Pink said. “I mean, what’s happening in our country right now is a perfect example of that. We don’t know how to love each other, we don’t know how to get along, we don’t know how to communicate.”

So what exactly did attending couples therapy do for these two that they couldn’t find else ware? After she explained to the therapist her main issues with Carey, she had them do a quick exercise that really helped.

“I had been complaining about him for years about how he’s just not present, he’s not here, he doesn’t get it, he’s not hearing me emotionally, he’s not even trying to understand my language,” Pink recalled. “And [the therapist] was like, ‘OK, everybody shut up, stand up, put your hands on each other’s hearts and just look into each other’s eyes.'”

“Then this man, that I had been saying won’t show up for me, his feet were planted in that earth, his hand was on my heart and his eyes were looking into my soul and guess what I did? I started giggling and I looked away,” Pink continued.

“In that moment I realized that I was a little bit full of sh*t,” Pink admitted. “I was the one here that was just talking and there have been many of those times.”

So the next time you want to murder your spouse, the key is to look deep into their eyes and put your hand over their heart. Hey, it worked for Pink and her husband!

Did you know Pink and her husband were dealing with so many issues over the years? Have you ever had trouble with your marriage? What kind of things do you do to help it?