Jon Gosselin Opens Up About Relationships with Kate and 8 Kids After 10 Year Gag Order is Lifted

Raising kids is hard. There’s no doubt about that. Research says that it gets easier once you have at least 4 kids, but does it really? Maybe curiosity about how big families manage to survive and even thrive is what contributed to the huge appeal of the show “Jon and Kate Plus 8.”

In case you’re somehow out of the loop, let’s do a quick recap. On the hit TLC series, Jon and Kate Gosselin already had twin girls when they found out they were going to have sextuplets. That’s a total of 8 kids. 

We honestly can’t imagine how difficult it has to be to parent 6 babies and then toddlers at the same time. Maybe that’s why it was so appealing for Jon and Kate when the network wanted to pay them to film their family. Kids are super expensive after all.

What nobody expected was for Jon and Kate to get a divorce. The show ended up going on without Jon, and rumors flew about the real reason for the divorce. Jon was always portrayed as the bad guy, but we know that you can’t necessarily believe rumors.

Recently, the 10-year gag order ran out, and Jon was finally able to tell his side of the story. He chose to do this on The Dr. Oz Show. He sat down with Dr. Oz to tell him the real reason they got divorced, what it was really like filming the show and if he thinks he’d still be married to Kate if it weren’t for the show.

As Jon mentions to Dr. Oz, it was hard for him after the divorce since he didn’t have a platform to speak out and share his story. Watch the video below to finally hear Jon’s side of the story.

Are you surprised that Kate was the one who wanted the divorce? How would you react to having a camera crew film in your home almost every day? Do you think Jon is crazy for walking away from fame and fortune?