Fed up with the ugly side of the internet, singer/songwriter Pink will not be posting any more pictures of her family on social media. The 39-year-old discussed what led to her decision during a recent appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show.

It is no secret that Pink and her husband, Carey Hart, have been in the crosshairs of parent shamers across the world. When posting photos of their daughter Willow and son Jameson, they are often critiqued for what their kids are wearing, saying, or doing.

After sharing a picture of herself and her kids spending time with a pelican, Pink came under fire for her son being bare from the waist down. On the show, she explained that the 2-year-old doesn’t like to wear wet swim diapers, so he took it off and went about his business.

She thought nothing of it but scribbled out that part of his body with a marker before posting the pic on Instagram. In light of the mean comments she received from some people who thought it was inappropriate, neglectful, and a handful of other things, she’s over it.

That experience was the last straw and was so upsetting to Pink that she will not be posting pics of her kids online anymore. To her, the photo was innocent and indicative of their laidback home life, which is typically spent on their farm.

She got emotional while talking about her children and how the meanness of online trolls has taken a toll. It’s a double-edged sword when you’re a public figure:

“I understand people saying, ‘You need to be more careful because you are in the public eye and you should have thought of that.’ And they’re right. But there’s a nicer way to say that. There’s a kind way to be online. And I’m open to kindness.”

Pink also has no problem with addressing the trolls directly – if she has the time or energy. She thinks some of the unkind words deserve a response or correction.

In a separate interview with Carson Daly on NBC, she also spoke of having a love-hate relationship with social media and does see there is a lot of good done with it. It is the constant barrage of negative comments that gets to her.

If you’re a parent, you probably have similar worries about social media criticism and how much shaming is geared towards both adults and children. While it is true that celebrities showcase themselves and their families for the world to see, how much is too much when it comes to commentary on their lives?

Pink’s children are 7 and 2, and she plans to pull back so that her kids can have some more privacy as they grow up. That sounds relatable to us.

Watch her interview with Ellen below to hear more about this latest incident and her thoughts on sharing online.

Can you empathize with Pink’s recent decision or no? Do you post pics of your little ones online? Have you been the target or thrower of negative comments on social media?