When you think of a wedding, what comes to mind? Here are some of the things we think of: A bride and a groom. A cake. A big, white dress. Friends and family ready to celebrate.

If you choose not to write your own wedding vows, then one of the traditional vows couples usually recite is “to be faithful to you alone, as long as we both shall live.” Ultimately, marriage ends when one of the members of the couple passes away. This is something we know to be true with the exception of divorce.

There’s apparently another exception. Amanda Teague is from Northern Ireland, and she married a ghost pirate. Not sure how that’s even possible? As she told Inside Edition, nobody in the UK or Ireland had ever married a ghost before, so there was really no precedent about whether it was okay or not. Watch her wedding for yourself in the video below.

Teague explained on This Morning that she became a medium after her son passed away. His death made her curious about what happens after death, and that’s when she met Jack, the man she claims to have married even though he wasn’t physically at her wedding.

Although Teague says that she never physically saw Jack or physically heard his voice, she felt his energy and heard thoughts. If this all seems a little bizarre and unusual, it is, but Teague does a better job explaining it than we do. See what she has to say about her pirate ghost marriage in the video below.

We find it interesting how Teague says that her physical health was suffering while she was in a relationship with Jack the ghost pirate, but once she got divorced via exorcism, her health significantly improved.

We’re not sure if ghost marriages are real or not, but either way, perhaps we should take Teague’s story as a precaution not to follow in her steps. While she was originally a giddy bride who defended her choice to marry a ghost pirate, now her story has changed, and she is no longer even a practicing medium. It seems that Teague has learned to be cautious when dealing with spirits.

Do you think you can really marry someone who is dead? What do you think of Teague’s story about her health issues? Have you ever felt “energy” from someone you couldn’t physically see or hear?