Halloween in America is a serious holiday. We basically celebrate all October long with decorating our homes, watching all the scary movie marathons, carving jack-o-lanterns, and picking out our Halloween costume. It’s a big, big deal.

However, we’re probably the only country that treats it so seriously. Weirdly, it’s not as big of a holiday in other countries. And people who don’t live in America are actually a little confused about our relationship with all things spooky.

Enjoy these tweets from non-Americans, who can’t quite understand our obsession with Halloween.

  1.  It’s Not Celebrated Everywhere

    Halloween tweet@_ygjk

    We definitely did not know that.

  2. Public Holiday?

    Halloween tweet@nubby_han

    We wish. We should.

  3.  It Gets Multiple Aisles

    Halloween tweet@kiwiev

    This isn’t even the half of it.

  4.  Over a Month of Celebrations

    Halloween tweet@ArchieHilditch

    It’s more like late August, but don’t tell him that.

  5.  The Taste of Candy Corn

    Halloween tweet@rtjisoo

    It literally tastes like wax. But it sure is pretty!

  6.  Eating Pumpkins

    Halloween tweet@thelma_chitua

    Just grow them. And carve them. And turn them into a spice.

  7.  All the Decorations

    Halloween tweet@thelma_chitua

    Pretty much.

  8.  Dressing Up

    Halloween tweet@sisonkeTengwane

    Well, we leave them on for a bit, but essentially, yes.

  9.  Stocking Up

    Halloween tweetvampireghuleh

    Come on over, there’s plenty!

  10.  Hugging Pumpkins

    Halloween tweet@owlswifty

    It’s aesthetically pleasing, okay?

  11.  Where Do the Empty Pumpkins Go?

    Halloween tweet@theonispeelman

    We throw them away on November 1.

  12.  Puns Are the Best

    Halloween tweet@robmahal

    Um, no, that’s not how it works.

  13.  A Bowl of Sweets

    Halloween tweet@aislingfelly

    Yes, the answer is yes.

Have you ever had a non-American question you about Halloween traditions? What’s your favorite way to celebrate Halloween?