October is truly one of our favorite months. Some of the most delicious produce is in season, the weather is usually perfect for a light jacket or scarf (at least here in scenic New England), and there are lots of frugal things to be done. Here are some ideas to get started with this month:

Winterize Your Home

Now is a great time to prepare to save money this winter since the weather is still nice. The prep work that you can do now can save you a good chunk of change on your heating bill.

Use Your Leaves

When you rake those leaves up in your yard, make good use of them. Here’s a great idea from Style at Home:

If you have a compost bin, keep bags of leaves nearby to add periodically throughout the winter. Another option is to make leaf compost — fill a garbage bag with shredded leaves, a few handfuls of soil and some water, close the bag, and shake once a week. By spring you should have usable leaf mold.

Go Pumpkin Crazy

Now is a great time to experiment with pumpkin recipes. Whether you pick up some canned pumpkin on the cheap from the grocery store or your make your own pureed pumpkin, the options are endless. And it’s definitely not fall until you’ve gotten your pumpkin fill.

8 Great Pumpkin Recipes
How to Make an Easy Pumpkin Spice Latte

Head to a Local Farm

Big pumpkin farms can be pricey, but smaller local farms should feature better prices when it comes to fall goodies. Also, look for fall festivals going on in your area – October is the perfect time to get outside! You could even take a nice little frugal excursion to a nearby winery and sample their goodies.

Rethink Your Space

If your home is in a style rut, fall is a great time to change things up. You can update the decor in your home very cheaply, or even for free, just by rearranging furniture and swapping out pillows. You can also get creative and find way to bring fall into your home.

What are some frugal things you love to do in October?