Is Halloween bumming you out this year? You may have seen the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)’s 2020 guidelines for the holiday, which encourages the public to not engage in traditional Halloween activities, such as going door-to-door trick-or-treating. Sigh.

It stinks to think about yet another holiday being altered due to COVID-19, it helps to think about all the safe ways we CAN celebrate. For example, it can’t hurt to go all out on your Halloween decorations this year, right? We’re talking about all the cotton spider webs, creepy carved pumpkins on the porch, and…12-foot skeletons?

You can find a massive 12-foot skeleton decoration at none other than Home Depot this year—and it would be the perfect showpiece for your home’s Halloween décor.

Not only is the skeleton twice the size of you, but its eyes move and blink on their own, making it even more realistic and spooky. It comes with a durable metal frame and ground stakes so you can easily add him to your graveyard—we mean, er, we mean your front yard.

The huge skeleton costs $299, but it’s a small price to pay for celebrating Halloween in the biggest way you can this year—literally.

If you need added incentive, this 12-foot skeleton already has a ton of rave 5-star reviews from people who’ve already made the move to buy it.

“I am so in LOVE with this skeleton and so is everyone that sees him!” someone wrote. “I should have bought 2. The mail lady even stopped, got out of her car and took a selfie with him. Lots of FUN to be had with our skeleton.” “This skeleton is the only thing that has cured my depression,” another fan wrote. “I’ve never been so happy and gotten so many compliments.”

“Best Halloween decoration I’ve ever got. Neighbors stop by & take pictures with it. I’m the hit of the neighborhood!” another commented.

Besides just being aesthetically pleasing, most people raved about how easy he was to put together—and how versatile he is, too. You can accessorize him any way you want (hint: someone dressed him as a scary clown).

You can purchase your own 12-foot skeleton from Home Depot here (or at least read the rest of the amazing reviews).

How will you be celebrating Halloween this year? Do you usually decorate your house for the holiday? Would you ever purchase this 12-foot skeleton to add to the ambiance?