15 Women Share the Things They Find Most Irritating About Women’s Clothing

Getting dressed in the morning is always a hassle—not only do you have to find a matching outfit that’s aesthetically pleasing, but it also has to be comfortable, too. There’s just so much to hate about the female wardrobe that it’s enough to make us want to walk around in our pajamas all day.

Apparently, clothing is the brunt of a lot of women’s stress. In fact, females were recently asked to share their top most irritating thing they find about clothing. We bet you’ll agree with some of these responses!

  1. Inconsistent Sizing

    “I remember when I could just run into a store and grab a pair of jeans because I knew what size fit me. Now I can be a 3 in one brand, 7 in another, etc. Very frustrating.”

  2. Cheap Fabric

    “Why are you always so cold. Because I’m wearing a shirt made out of cheesecloth!”

  3. Pocket Issues

    “No pockets or crappy pockets.”

  4. Scratchy Tags

    “I wish all sewn in tags were done with a separate stitch instead of being sewn into a structurally important seam. I despise when I cut off a scratchy tag and then struggle to get as much of the scratchy leftover off because I can’t rip out the seam without ruining the clothing!!”

  5. Not Being Able to Match Colors

    “Each black piece is a different shade of black.”

  6. See-Through Shirts

    “Seriously, I hate that so many shirts in women’s clothing are thin or nearly sheer. I don’t enjoy having to put a tank top under my shirts or having my bra show through.”

  7. Bottoms That Never Fit Right

    “I can either fit them to my waist and they are too tight around my thighs or I can go up a size and they are comfortable around my thighs but too big around my waist. If I wear a belt then they bunch up funny around my crotch area.”

  8. Itchy Fabric

    “I also don’t know why certain kinds of itchy wool clothing are still made.”

  9. Crop Tops

    “I’m tired of looking for a shirt that actually covers my belly. I like cute shirts, but I don’t like how revealing they are.”

  10. Too Much Decoration

    “I don’t want to look like a garden.”

  11. Weird-Fitting Rompers or Overalls

    “I’m like all torso and I love both of them but can’t wear them without an all day wedgie.”

  12. Bright Athletic Gear

    “Athletic clothing is always bright colors or bizarre patterns. I love dark neutral colors, but they’re so hard to find in woman’s options. Men’s gear doesn’t fit me.”

  13. Everything Being Fitted

    “Not all women have flat stomachs, I mean…most of us have some sort of belly. PLEASE make some flattering, feminine clothing for us regular shaped women. And feminine does not need to mean having frills, butterflies and pink on the clothes.”

  14. Tacky Graphic Tees

    “When I was a tween I’d get the boys graphic tees from JCPenny. They were just cooler. I remember I bought this one I didn’t like cause it showed my underarm sweat so my mom eventually wore it more and more when I grew out of it. It’s a lemon looking at a glass of lemonade, saying “Mom?” Lol.”

  15. So Much Pink

    “Not all women like pink. Nothing against pink, but let’s try some neutral tones.”

What’s something irritating you find about women’s clothing?