Woman Dresses Up to Take Out the Trash To Amuse Her Neighbors and Here Are 13 of Her Best Looks

The COVID-19 pandemic took a lot from us—socializing, going out to eat, and, worse—being able to get dolled up! We can almost guarantee that unless you have a job where you need to be in an office, you’ve lived the last 10 months in sweatpants.

Well, one woman named Nicola Matthews decided that she didn’t want to live the ‘groutfit’ life anymore. Even though she couldn’t go very many places, she figured that any kind of activity deserved getting dressed up—even taking out the trash.

Nicola, 49, who lives in England, dressed every Wednesday for an entire 20 weeks to take out the trash.

“It was so funny dressing up and going out to push my wheelie bin,” she said of her hobby, which she appropriately nicknamed “wheelie bin Wednesday.” “It was lovely to cheer people up through these times, and to get the dresses out. We have less and less need for long dresses these days,” the makeup artist said.

“My nan always said I made a great clothes horse, and the dresses she made me will always be my favorites,” she added. “It was a really lovely thing to do, and I enjoyed it but 20 weeks was definitely enough.”

After a while, she realized that if she was going to dress up every time she took out the trash that she should have a better reason than simply missing putting on a gown. In May, Nicola decided to raise money for her local fire station by marching with the trash bin for 3.5 miles—all in a gorgeous gown and glittery pumps. During the event, she raised nearly $900!

“I was overwhelmed to raise $875, I thought I’d be doing well to get $200,” she said. “It was so lovely how my neighbors all came out and clapped and cheered me on.”

What a unique way to not only have a reason to get dressed up again, but to put a smile on her neighbors’ faces and raise money for a cause near to her heart. She’s glam as anything, don’t ya think? Here are 13 of her best looks!

You can find more of Nicola’s “trashy” looks (that are not trashy at all) here!

Do you miss getting dressed up—or getting dressed at all? Do you ever throw on a nice outfit to do something mundane, like take the trash out to the end of the driveway? What do you think of Nicola’s initiative?