When we’re young, it’s easier to think about our appearance and make sure we take care of ourselves than it is when we get older. After all, in our teens and early 20s, we often aren’t married and don’t have children to take care of yet. We can easily prioritize ourselves.

As the years go by, some people do a great job of staying up-to-date with the fashion trends and taking care of themselves; however, other people sometimes find this challenging. For example, some people prioritize dressing their kids in cute outfits over buying new clothes for themselves. Some people prioritize paying the bills and keeping food on the table over getting a haircut or putting on makeup.

These are valid challenges, but for some people life gives them even more challenges, like health issues. Take, for example, Christine from New Jersey.

Christine is a mom of 3. Her daughters Gianna, Natalia and Antonia nominated her for a makeover because of her selfless actions and her outdated style. Her style continued to get more and more casual over the years as she focused on working to support her family and pay the bills.

In 2013, Christine’s husband, Anthony, had a stroke. She picked up as many shifts as possible at the hospital (she’s a nurse) while still trying to make it to her daughters’ activities. Her style was in a permanent rut, and we totally understand why. While her daughters describe her style as “casual,” it could also be considered “outdated” since she had clothing from the ’80s hanging in her closet.

The team at the Rachel Ray Show, with the help of Christine’s daughters and co-workers, completely surprised Christine with the news that she had been chosen for a makeover. Then it was Christine’s turn to blow everyone away with the final reveal. Post-makeover, Rachel Ray exclaimed, “You look like you’re twenty!”

Learn more about Christine’s story in the video below. Make sure you watch until the end to see how stunning she looks after the makeover!

Many people agree that Christine was very deserving of a makeover. One fan of the Rachel Ray Show commented, “Such a selfless, humble, and beautiful woman! You definitely are well deserving of this!” Another comment reads, “Best make-over ever:) she was already pretty but now she is a knock out:) wow wow wow:) well deserved too:) Love her energy:) and confidence:)” We couldn’t agree more.

Have you ever felt like you were in a rut style-wise? Do you know anyone who deserves a makeover?