4 Things You May Want to Consider Doing If You Want to Raise Successful Children

With countless parenting books and articles out there, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which techniques actually work and which ones are a waste of time. Our kids are still little, but we know that the early years count big time, and we want to get our parenting style off on the right track. 

We’ve read many of those parenting books and articles, but one article helped sum them all up really well, and we learned some tips that we want to implement in our own home. Sharing is caring, so we thought we’d spread the word about the parenting techniques that studies have actually proven will set our children up for success.

  1. Read to Them

    It’s seriously never too early to read to your children. From the time they’re babies, grab a board book and start reading. What’s very important here is that you don’t just read the words on the page but that you have your children interact with the book in some way. Ask them questions. Ask them what colors things are or what they think is going to happen next. Have them act out the story or make up an alternate ending. Have them turn the pages. Anything that helps them get involved in the story. When they’re older, have them take turns reading some of the words.

    It’s been proven that when parents read to their kids when they’re little they grow up to be more successful when they’re adults.

  2. Get Outside

    Kids need to be active and have the opportunity to explore. Once they reach school age, they’re required to sit still at a desk for hours each day. Recess is not enough. As much as possible, go outside with your kids and give them the opportunity to be, well, kids. Let them play in the dirt or the sand. Take them to the local playground or zoo. Let them run and skip and climb. Do some of these activities with them. It’s a great way for you and your kids to exercise together. After all, it’s not good for anyone to sit still all day.

    A research study in Europe also found a direct correlation between the amount of time children spent outside and their ability to read and do math.

  3. Chores Are a Must

    Even when they’re preschool aged, they can help around the house. This helps create a strong work ethic when they’re young. They can do simple things like setting the table, putting away toys and folding laundry. Really, they can. Don’t let them tell you otherwise. Sure, you’ll have to show them how to properly do these tasks. You may need to do the chores with them for awhile, but they’ll get the hang of it and feel really proud of a job well done when they’re finished.

    Sure, it may be easier to do the chores yourself since you’d be able to do it quicker and exactly the way you want it done, but that’s not the point. The point is that you’re instilling a positive work ethic in your children. A Harvard Grant Study found that people need 2 things to be successful: love and a work ethic.

  4. Keep Your Expectations High

    A studyA study found that when parents express high expectations, their children are more likely to go to college, stay employed and avoid dead end jobs that pay minimum wage. Basically, they’ll be more successful as adults.

    Your kids probably won’t like hearing you nag them about their grades or their chores, but by keeping your expectations high and vocalizing those high expectations to your children, they will be more likely to strive to succeed in life. Don’t give up. Your children really are listening, they just may not want you to know it.