I have quite a few friends who are moms of multiples. Although their children are either teens or pre-teens, they admit they still struggle with body image and feeling comfortable in their own skin.

If the opportunity ever presented itself (and it has) for some sort of makeover, they’d willingly jump on it. Though I can’t personally relate, I can understand why they and women like the mom in this video would welcome some pampering.

Rachael Ray invited Kristina to her show for a mommy makeover after learning about her lifelong struggles with weight. As a teen, Kristina was overweight and at the most, weighed 300 pounds. After being inspired by weight loss stories she saw in the media, she shed 80 pounds on her own.

After she met her husband and got married, she became pregnant with her first set of twins, but the weight quickly returned to the tune of 10 pounds every two weeks. If you’ve been pregnant, you know how quickly your body changes to carry the baby, or in some cases, babies!

Once again, she worked hard to drop the weight after giving birth, and lost 100 pounds. During all these ups and downs, Kristina’s mom Penny watched her push through all the changes. She just wanted her daughter to feel good about herself. It was she who wrote in to the show to request the makeover for Kristina.

When the busy mom had her second set of twins, she was worried about how difficult it would be to drop the pounds for a third time, but she still managed to do it. Like many women out there, she does not carve out enough time for her own self-care, and shares that she doesn’t give much thought to what she wears.

Penny says that Kristina isn’t comfortable shopping for her new body size but wants her daughter to have an updated look and feel beautiful. See how mom duties never stop?

Rachael and her team were more than happy to accommodate Penny’s wish. Seen in this video is makeup artist Mally Roncal – also a mom of twins – who’s been on the glam squad for big names such as Celine Dion, Beyoncé, Lee Ann Womack, and Rihanna.

Part of Mally’s method included creating a look for Kristina that she could do on her own once at home. Not only is the audience waiting to see the final results, but so is Kristina, as she is the last to see how everything turns out. When she turns around to look in the mirror, the waterworks start up again.

To see the big reveal and to hear more about Kristina’s journey, watch the video below. It looks like just about everyone was in tears, even Roncal. With a new hair color, style, and outfit, it’s a complete and exciting transformation for Kristina. We wonder how her two sets of twins and husband reacted.

What do you think of Kristina’s final result? Do you want a mommy makeover for yourself or someone you love? Can you relate to Kristina’s circumstances?