As we get older, it can be hard to know what to do to keep up our look. When we’re young, we can have fun playing with different hairstyles and makeup options, but many older women want something a little bit more grown-up looking. Yet, getting older doesn’t have to mean getting stuck in a rut with gray hair and the same makeup you’ve been using for decades.

We’re not knocking gray hair here. In fact, we’ve seen a lot of amazing hairstyles where older people and people who went gray at a young age embraced the color and totally rocked it. However, for anyone who wants a change, hair dye can definitely make a big transformation.

Marianne used to love playing with her look when she was younger. Her uncle was a Hollywood hairstylist and makeup artist. When she was just 5 years old, he even chopped her ponytail off to give her a pixie cut. She loved it, and it became her signature look.

Fast forward several decades, and Marianne has recently become a grandma. She felt like her current style, or lack thereof, made her look dowdy. She felt happy and joyful on the inside, but she didn’t think her current style reflected that.

As many people do when they want a truly transformative makeover, she turned to The Makeover Guy for help. She knew he would be able to help her update her look to show just how young she felt while still being age-appropriate.

The Makeover Guy listened to Marianne explain what she was looking for in a makeover and why she was interested in changing her look. Then he worked his magic. When he was done, she looked completely different, but we assume that if we saw a picture of her at a younger age, we might think that she looks more like herself than she has in a long time.

After her makeover, Marianne said, “When I got here, I was feeling like 56 going on 75 plus, and now I feel like 56 going on 30, and it’s fabulous.”

A new cut, a new color, updated makeup and some key accessories were all it took to take Marianne from feeling dowdy to feeling like a “Glam Gram.”

Check out Marianne’s new look in the video below, and hear more about her Hollywood makeup artist uncle.

What’s your signature hairstyle? If you could get a makeover, what changes would you want to make?