I don’t know about you but I like weddings, though I’ve never seen someone get hitched in a Vegas ceremony in real life. Not all of them have Elvis impersonators standing by or a costumed bride and groom.

Some are intimate and low-key. That is, until Jimmy Kimmel shows up to officiate. In this clip from the Jimmy Kimmy Live! show, Kate and Jason have their wedding ceremony crashed by the TV host, and um, millions of viewers.

For the week of April 1 to April 5, the show broadcast live from Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Kimmel welcomed a number of celebrity guests, but also set up this a gag/surprise for this couple whose wedding was being held at the same hotel.

As far as we know, they weren’t in on it, and their nuptials look to be quiet and simple with just the two of them standing at the altar. We learn that both the bride and groom are Air Force majors from Colorado, and Jimmy and his team wanted to give their wedding night an extra dose of special.

What did that mean? First, he appears on the monitor to greet them and asks to take over the proceedings. When he asks if there are any objections to the marriage, David Spade pops into the room holding a cocktail. Spade then calls for a round of cocktails for everyone at the altar and proposes a toast. How’s about that?

Luckily, Kimmel is able to finish the ceremony and Kate and Jason do their kiss. The couple, who drop their cocktail glasses for the big smooch, has no idea what is about to come next. Kimmel sprinkled some reception time in there by gifting the newlyweds with a professional wedding singer.

It’s not Wayne Newton. It’s not Adam Sandler. And no, it isn’t an Elvis in a pink suit. None other than superstar Celine Dion walks through the chapel doors. Bet no one was expecting that!

As Jason and Kate dance their first dance as a married couple, Dion serenades them with Because You Love Me. Her songs have been played at countless weddings, but to have her there in person had to be something else.

After this segment, Dion did a quick chat with Kimmel to discuss new music and her Vegas residency coming to a close. She even performed her ballad from the Deadpool soundtrack. Thank goodness that guy didn’t show up to the wedding. But it sounds like this ceremony got crashed by a once-in-a-lifetime wedding singer – all by surprise!

Check out the video to take in this all-around unique wedding experience, and to see how Kate and Jason react to each disruption – especially Celine Dion’s entrance. The wedding guests’ facial expressions are hilarious too. Vegas really does pull out all the stops.

Were you excited about this surprise wedding interruption? Did you have a Vegas wedding and if so, how does it compare? Which person would get the okay to crash your wedding?