A best man cracked a few teeth and split his chin after passing out at a wedding. In a now viral video, the young man, Jestin, is seen falling face first onto the pavement. People all over the internet are wondering if it was the song that did it.

Nope. According to a follow-up interview with TV show host Jimmy Kimmel, he was simply dehydrated. The clip starts off with a shot of the maid of honor, Saung, singing as the bridge, groom, and everyone else was watching.

Jestin, seen on the right, was standing directly across from the singer when suddenly his face reddens, and he drops to the ground. Gasps are heard as people rush to help. It turns out a combination of dehydration and heat caused the poor guy to faint.

Jimmy Kimmel caught up with the couple, Jestin, and the maid of honor and learned that at first, it was thought to be a prank. Fortunately, there were some medical professionals present in the crowd – including an EMT – who provided first aid.

Click below to see the gist of the unfortunate event (it starts around the 1:20 mark) and to hear what was up with the ending of the video. It’s not what we all are thinking! And if you want to see the entire thing, click here.

Did you feel the crash in your own body as you watched this? If you were at the wedding, what would your first reaction have been? Have you ever seen anything like this at a wedding?