For those of us who are happily married, do you ever wonder what life would’ve been like if you hadn’t gone out on a second date with your current spouse? We’re not talking about eloping after the first date. Actually, quite the opposite. What if that first date had been so bad that you vowed to never date that person ever again?

Joanna Gaines may ask herself this question on occasion. The happily married star many people know from the show Fixer Upper almost didn’t give her husband and partner in crime, we mean, huge success, a chance. After that first date, she was a little scared off by Chip Gaines’ big dreams. She actually thought he was just a little bit crazy. Besides, he wasn’t the type of guy she usually dated. She preferred quieter guys, but Chip eventually won her over.

Watch the video below to see why Joanna changed her mind about Chip and how he helped her go after her own dreams and ambitions.


It’s interesting to think that without Chip, Joanna may not have been motivated enough to accomplish all that she has accomplished. Imagine a world without Joanna Gaines – no Magnolia Journal, no Magnolia Market, and of course, no Fixer Upper.

Perhaps Chip would’ve gone after these dreams on his own, but it wouldn’t have been the same. The chemistry between the two is what makes it all work.

It seems that we have more to learn from Joanna besides recipes, parenting tips and interior design. We can also learn that sometimes we need to give people a second chance. 

If you’re single and dating, maybe a second date isn’t a bad idea. It works the same way with friends. Maybe that mom you met at the park really could be your new BFF.

We can also learn that sometimes the things that annoy us about someone might actually be inspiring if we dig a little deeper. Maybe sometimes what we find unappealing about someone is something that we’re ignoring in our own lives and that we actually need to focus on. 

In Jo’s case, she didn’t realize what big dreams and goals she had until Chip started going on and on about his own crazy ideas and things he wanted to accomplish. We all need a little motivation from time to time.

If you’re married, was it love at first sight? Does it surprise you that Chip and Jo didn’t click on their first date?