When we think of Jimmy Kimmel, we think of comedy and his late night talk show. We don’t think of cooking, until now.

One great thing to come out of America on lockdown is that we’re seeing celebrities in a new light. We get to see them at home with their families, and we love it. We love knowing what their lives are like beyond the professional cameras, and we love when they are taking the initiative (often with a spouse behind the camera) to share helpful tips.

In Kimmel’s case, he’s created the first episode of what we hope will become a new series of cooking shows. One viewer commented, “never thought I’d ask for this but can we get more Jimmy cooking vids.” Another viewer wrote, “Jimmy, you can’t go back now, we demand to see more of these cooking shows.” Here, here! The people have spoken!

But first, you need to see Kimmel’s first cooking show. In it, he makes “Pasta Tina,” one of his kids’ favorite meals. It only takes a few ingredients, and along the way, he mentions substitutes that can be used. 

Kimmel wanted to make the pasta sauce healthy, so he doesn’t use butter or cream, yet the sauce looks super creamy. What does he use? Beans! Really! We’re going to have to try this ourselves to see if our kids will happily eat a bean sauce like Kimmel’s kids.

For easy step-by-step instructions to make Pasta Tina, and to see Kimmel’s cooking skills, watch the video below.

We love that Kimmel shared a recipe that’s easy to make with common pantry staples, like a box of pasta and a can of beans. We also love seeing his kids happily take huge bites of the pasta. It gives us hope that our kids will eat pasta that’s coated with something besides melted butter.

As one person commented on the video, “The Kimmel Family makes the BEST ‘Late Night Host at Home During the Pandemic’ videos.” We have to agree.

If you’re looking for more kid-friendly recipes, be sure to check out this quesadilla recipe from Jamie Oliver. Just like in Kimmel’s video, his wife is behind the camera, and he hides healthy ingredients in plain sight, yet his kids actually eat it.

What have your kids been eating during quarantine? Do you think the Kimmel family should film more cooking videos? Are you going to try this easy recipe for Pasta Tina?