There’s a lot of negativity surrounding the 2020 coronavirus outbreak. Besides the obvious, like the infections and fatalities, the unemployment rate is higher than ever, kids are making their work-from-home parents crazy, and everyone’s anxiety is kind of through the roof.

However, we have to admit, we’ve seen a lot of good that has come out of it, too, especially for those on the front line. Healthcare workers have been putting their lives at risk to save others, and companies everywhere have banded together to help them out in any way they can.

For example, Chipotle partnered with DoorDash to give away 100,000 free burritos to health care workers. Well, the heroes have to eat, right?

Additionally, the shoe manufacturer Crocs set up an initiative to donate 10,000 pairs of their shoes a day to healthcare workers. Not only does this type of shoe provide the proper support for people on their feet all day, they can also be wiped clean easily—perfect for emergency room workers.

Celebrities are also doing their part to help out in any way they can. For instance, Amy Adams and Jennifer Garner started an Instagram account called @savewithstories where celebrities read books to your children. The account was made possible in partnership with Save the Children and No Kid Hungry so that parents can donate to Save the Children and No Kid Hungry to ensure schools and community programs offer enough food for kids affected during the outbreak.

And now, Jimmy Kimmel wanted to do something to help, too. One Boston nurse recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, which has recently been filmed using video chat applications, and got the surprise of her life.

Taylor Chace-Myers is an ICU Nurse at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in New York, where she’s been enduring consistent 12-hour overnight shifts. She also mentioned her department was severely understaffed as the pandemic continued to unfold.

Even so, she remained overly positive about the whole thing. “Our healthcare workers are strong and resilient and we lean on each other a ton, so we have that,” she said. “I feel like we’ll get through it.”

Additionally, Chace-Myers’ husband works as an attorney for the Department of Early Education and Care, working tirelessly to place children of healthcare works into safe care while their parents work.

Kimmel wanted to do something special to help them. He partnered with Lavazza, a coffeemaker, to gift Chace-Myers with a $10,000 check. In addition, the company donated 4,5000 bags of its coffee for the entire hardworking staff at the hospital.

“We just wanted to say thank you,” Kimmel said. “I don’t know how many times we could ever say thank you to be grateful enough for what you’re risking and what you’re doing, but we are — all of us.”

To see the heartwarming moment, check out the clip from the show below.

Have you seen any stories about how people are helping healthcare workers? What are some ideas we can do to give back to those on the frontline during this crisis?