If you’ve ever wondered if celebrities like to eat at normal restaurants like the rest of us, they do, at least, they do if they’re Adam Sandler. The comedian entered an IHOP in Long Island hoping to enjoy a meal, but he didn’t end up staying.

Sandler walked up to the hostess, and she told him there was a 30 minute wait. Sandler didn’t want to wait 30 minutes, so he politely walked left. The hostess didn’t recognize Sandler until after he had left, and she now regrets turning him away. She posted a video of the interaction on TikTok and wrote “Pleaseee come back.”

@dayanna.rodasPleaseee come back ##comedy ##fyp ##foryou ##viral ##adamsandler♬ Be A Clown – ָ࣪ ۰♥︎ Osuna ࣪?꒷

The video went viral and has been viewed more than 11.3 million times. She never expected it to blow up like this. Some viewers think it is unthinkable that the hostess didn’t recognize Sandler. One comment reads, “How’d you not recognize him with those shorts? It’s his signature look.”

Other viewers think that it’s great that Sandler was treated like a regular person instead of given special treatment just because he’s famous. One person wrote, “You’re not a clown for treating him like everyone else. He’s a clown for leaving over something we all deal with.”

Yet other viewers admire the fact that Sandler didn’t tell the hostess who he was in order to skip the line. For example, one comment reads, “The fact he could of said I’m Adam Sandler and didn’t is amazing most celebrities would use their status to get them places.”

Sandler even weighed in on the video. He tweeted, “For the record, I only left the IHOP because the nice woman told me the all-you-can-eat deal didn’t apply to the milkshakes.”

According to Sandler, he wasn’t annoyed about the 30 minute wait. Instead, he wanted unlimited milkshakes. He also called the hostess a “nice woman,” so he doesn’t seem to be annoyed that she didn’t recognize him or give him special treatment.

In response to this controversy, IHOP is apologizing by giving Sandler and anyone that visits a Long Island IHOP unlimited milkshakes. On Monday May 10, 2021, IHOP guests can get all-y0u-can-drink milkshakes for just $6.49. The deal is good at all 19 Long Island, NY, locations until 8pm.

In addition, IHOP is donating $1 from each all-you-can-drink milkshake order (up to $50,000) to a charity called Comedy Gives Back. This organization helps comedians who are struggling financially due to COVID-19. 

IHOP CMO Kieran Donahue explained, “There is no better way to kick off the week and enjoy our craveable menu than with a house-made milkshake, or as many as you can drink. For more than 62 years, we have welcomed everyone – famous and familiar – to pancake, smile and laugh together under our blue roof.”

Do you think you would recognize Adam Sandler if he walked into a restaurant even while he was wearing a face mask? Do you think Sander would have been seated without a wait if the hostess had recognized him?