Grandma ‘Flosses’ After Learning from Boy Outside of IHOP

Do you know how to floss? In case you missed it, it all started back in 2017 when Katy Perry performed on Saturday Night Live. During the song “Swish Swish,” a kid with a backpack stole Perry’s thunder with his deadpan expression and rapid arm moves.

The dance that “backpack kid” called “the Russell” at the time (because his real name is Russell Horning) has since been named the floss dance, and kids across the country have been flossing ever since.

The dance isn’t all that complicated to learn when you slow it down, but it looks very impressive when you speed it up.

Fast forward to 2018 in Clarksville, Indiana where several families were waiting to eat at IHOP. While they waited, one little boy started flossing.

A 70-year-old grandmother looked on. She most likely had never seen the floss dance before. She didn’t know how to do the dance, and she was super impressed at how well the little boy did the moves. In fact, she was so impressed that she gave the boy a dollar.

In response, the little boy asked her to try the dance.

How would you respond if you were a 70-year-old grandma who was being asked to do a dance you had never tried or even seen before in your life? We might be hesitant.

It helps to know a little bit about the grandmother in question. According to her daughter, “She grew up in the 50’s and 60’s and lived for social dances. She’s also a retired pastor of a church for 20 years.”

So, we know that grandma likes to dance, but is she up for trying something new? See for yourself in the video below.

Her daughter filmed the video. We assume the little boy showed her the dance moves. We love how she starts out slowly, hesitantly, but that as soon as she’s told to “do it fast,” she doesn’t hesitate. She has the moves down. She’s totally flossing. She nailed it on her first try. Not everyone can say that, especially at age 70.

This video now has over 249,000 views on YouTube. Many people in the comments mention how they love the sassy way she ends the dance, but according to her daughter, grandma is actually praising God at the end of the video. She is a pastor, after all. Whichever it is, praising God or a sassy ending, it’s perfection.

Can you floss? Can your grandma?